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15 Things Friday

You heard that right…FIFTEEN!

Why? Well, it sounded fun and exciting, and I also feel like there’s a lot of randomness going on that I haven’t posted about. It’s all going to be stale before too much longer, so now you get it in a photo/information dump of a post.

Also, I’m feeling chatty and the internet is hilarious today—so deal with it.

1) About three weeks ago, BF and I took a little weekend trip to Canada. And I never wrote about it. So here are some photos for your viewing pleasure, and because we all know that nothing actually happened unless you post it on the tubes. #proof

image (4) image (6) image (5)

It was awesome. I highly recommend Vancouver.

2) Glee did an ‘Nsync and BSB Mashup.

Again, this was weeks ago. But I’m probably the only person left in my age group that still watches Glee, and holy shiz this is like all my pre-teen fantasies come true. When I saw this I felt all the former boy band worshipping tendencies of my 11-year-old self come flooding back.

3) I got crazy and bought different shoes.

No one has ever taken a photo like this ever.

No one has ever taken this picture.

I’m still loyal to my Pure Connects, but I started listening to the masses and thought that maybe I should try and alternate between shoes. So I went up a step and bought the Pure Flows 2. Is this whole theory a myth? Did I just fall victim to a marketing ploy of the shoe industry? Whatever.

Anyway the verdict is still out. I actually think these might be the wrong size…fail…either that, or my feet are just too used to the Connects. I like them, but not in a “will wear regularly” kind of way. They just feel a little heavy.

4) Peter Sagal tweeted to me. And it was about running.


So basically life is awesome now and we’re getting married.

5) This sports bra might make me reconsider my goal to never ever run without a shirt.


I felt weird taking this, and posting it, and it’s cropped. Oh well, you understand. Brightness is brighter in real life. I blame the summer for eliciting this fondness for color. I don’t know who I am anymore.

6) Read Allie’s blog post.


This was shared many times yesterday, but I felt it worthy of promoting myself. It’s not happy-go-lucky Friday reading material by any means, but it’s beautiful. Her narrative is incredible, and her story is worth reading.

7) Breaking Bad, WTF.

imagesRemember how I’m constantly behind the times on everything? Yea, this is no different. BF and I are currently Netflixing galore on seasons of this show. It’s definitely all it’s cracked up to be and really intense. I also feel like I understand the complications/interworkings/consequences of the drug industry now, so that’s…good?

8) Starbucks is getting crazy.

image (2)

Actually, maybe I should say that Starbucks is exactly following suit with healthy food trends. I saw these “new” salads today, and I have to say…I’m impressed. They aren’t cheap, but if you want a good salad on the go that’s not filled with iceberg lettuce and sour cherry tomatoes, this is a pretty sweet option.

RELATED: A coworker also reported today that her fritter from good ‘ole Bux was much smaller than normal…as were the other pastries.

I see your evil plan, Starbucks.

9) Running!

Isn’t that what this blog is about?



I’ve recovered really well from Eugene, and running’s feeling great. Still going slow and Garmin-less, but I’m past the stages of sore–>less sore–>not sore, but tired–> not tired, but slow. I guess I’ve entered back into regular territory. Still, I’m not pushing it, because…who wants to do that? Kidding, kind of, but I am pleased that my bounce back has been more bouncy than not, or something like that.

10) I guess I have to start biking now.

In retrospect, this is more a picture of me than the shoes. Awkward. I guess I should have titled this "A selfie with half a shoe in it." I just wanted to capture my excitement.

In retrospect, this is more a picture of me than the shoes. Awkward. I guess I should have titled this, “A selfie with half a shoe in it.” I just wanted to capture my excitement.

BF got me clip-in shoes for my birthday!!! Oh yea, and my birthday was last week. I’m a horrible self-centered blogger.

I’ve wanted clip-ins for spinning purposes for SO LONG but never felt like spending the money. Now that I have my beautiful new bike, there was even more incentive to buy some…which I never followed through with.

Enter turning 25 years young, and voila, pretty white shoes! I’m so happy but so sad because now this means I have no excuse to not start the “triathlon training” I’ve yammered on about for years.

11) 30 Undeniable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True

14. This is the only way to get upstairs safely after turning off a light:


God Buzzfeed is so funny.

12) We re-planted our garden.

image (3)

Yes I know that picture is terrifying.

We planted a vegetable garden last year and had the highest of hopes for abundant home-grown produce.

Then we watered it all of two times and it died. Except the chard, that shit was a champion. But regardless, we’re trying again…and this time we’re doing it right. I probably should have taken a picture of all the adorable planted seedlings, but I’ll save that shot for when we have bushels of healthy vegetation blooming. That should be in a week, right?

13) All of my photos from Eugene suck, except kind of this one:


I actually look a little excited in this picture. The rest I look like the grumpy cat. Note to race directors: the photographers should be scattered throughout the course and not ONLY between miles 22-26.

14) I got crazy and bought myself a BQ/birthday present:


I feel so fancy for doing this, and admittedly it helped that I had a few giftcards, but no matter…I LOVE it. Cross-body bags all the way for me; so much easier than hauling a 10-pound sack of crap around (which I’ve also done). This is only the second time I’ve done the post-marathon reward system, but I kind of liked it.

15) This is my life after work, everyday.


Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites: Chocolate Eggs and Little Spoons

Not to mimic the probable ranting of everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter, but seriously…

TGI friggin’ F

This week has felt super long, and I haven’t been this ready for the weekend in a long time. Also, while I’m normally all jazz-hands and sunshine on Fridays, today I’m feeling a little blah. Not too great, not too bad…just sort of mediocre.

Which I hate. As someone who gets kicks out of the simplest things in life (free cookie samples! dogs playing fetch! a cute baby sighting!) mediocrity and I do not get along well.

However, it is in fact Friday, which means that some acknowledgment of my Favorite Things is in order.

Fun Fact: I recently discovered that “Friday Favorites” was not in fact the work of my oh-so-inventive imagination, and actually—just about every blogger and their moms do Friday Favorites (Speaking of, mother—what are your favorite things today?). I actually really enjoyed learning about this, because I think these communal favorite-filled posts create a cyber vortex of internet positive energy.

Happiness is infectious people, it’s science.

Anyways, before I get into some Favorite Things, I’ll update you on my Eugene 2012 training, as well as my 2012 miles goal:

Eugene: I don’t really know what “week” I’m in, but this particular week of training is actually a cut-back week in terms of long-run mileage. My run this Sunday will be 16 or so miles, as I get ready to amp up next week for an over 20-miler. I am allowing myself to get passed Sunday before I go into anxiety-mode over that one.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m being a little more intentional about my goals for each run in terms of my speed, and although I’m Garmin-less (which would make this endeavor much more legit) I’m finding that my Timex and runningmap.com are working just fine.

2012 Miles: This was originally a “just for fun” goal, but I’m realizing it requires some serious tracking! I normally log my miles in the very official location known as my brain, so I think I’m going to have to start logging somewhere like Daily Mile or even just a planner so I can stop doing long math equations over and over. However, the results are in!

Miles Run in 2012: 373.65

Percentage of Goal: 18.57%

Percentage of Year Over: 16.93%

Hoorah! Still on track. Now, I need to actually get some official recording devices. You people and your fancy things…I don’t know how you do it.

Okay, I’m done with numbers…my right brain has had enough. Time for Friday Favorites! Ready….GO

Trader Joe’s

The sun shines for TJs, even when it's raining throughout the rest of Seattle.

Not to get totally stereotypical young-adult-in-Seattle on you, but I really can’t help myself. I adore Trader Joe’s. Anyone who’s familiar can relate; everything from the free samples every time I go in to the insanely low prices for the unique, natural, and fantastic food selections just drives me wild about this place. I go out of my way to grocery shop here (not every time I shop, of course) and it always feels like an occasion.




Cadbury Mini Eggs

So, I recently had a bit of a battle royale over Facebook about the debate between Cadbury Mini Eggs and their goo-filled counterparts, Cadbury Creme Eggs. Amusingly, the two people who shunned me the most for choosing the Mini Eggs over the Creme ones were Anna, my best friend, and BF, my…well, you get it.

There may be some domestic disputes erupting shortly, but I’ll hold my ground. These little chocolate eggs are SO much better than the creme eggs. Not that I dislike the creme ones necessarily, but there’s something a little off to me about “creme” that’s been sitting inside something for a likely exceedingly long period of time. Side Note: “Cream” is actually the correct spelling for non-artificial, honest-to-goodness milk cream. I bet you are PSYCHED you know that now.

Also, you can eat more of these little eggs due to their size and packaging, so obviously that makes them better.

Small Silverware

Please note, this is a dramatization.

I have a confession to several restaurants out there: If you are missing some of your miniature silverware, it’s because it is currently sitting in my utensil drawer.

I am in love with cute little flatware, and I use it as frequently as I can. My “little spoon” (as she is so creatively and affectionately named) gets washed more than anything else I own because of her ample usage. I’m someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of eating slowly or pacing myself on a meal, so another benefit of my little friends is that they sort of force me to at least somewhat control my bite sizes.

And yes, I do use proper pronouns when referring to my possessions.

And before you call the Seattle Police Department, I really have only taken three items from restaurants. Wait, four. But once I have a little knife, I’ll be done with my thievery.

Until then, the hunt is on…

Starbucks Blonde Roast

Now that's a hot blonde.

I have to give accolades to this new brew that you have inevitably heard all the hype about already. While I don’t like super sweet coffee, I do think that when coffee is too strong it tastes like dirt—therefore when my customary drink (a soy cafe au lait) is made with a really bitter roast, I huff and puff a bit about how my coffee is ruined.

The blonde roast, however, guarantees a drinkable cup o’ joe for me, and I’m thankful to have something I can count on.



Glee’s Version of the Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”

So, I actually thought I had previously favorited the original version of this song, and apparently that’s not true. Just so K.Clarkson knows, I adore the original version and think it’s insanely empowering—and I love the fact that Glee decided to cover it with an all-female ensemble.

Girl power is a wonderful thing. Go Glee. Go Kelly.

Alright people, what are your favorite things this week? Long run plans for the weekend? Exciting plans for the weekend? Tell me please!!

My Yoga Secret and Friday Favorites

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Yes, a bit excessive, but isn’t that what the season’s about? Excessive spending, excessive cookies, excessive light displays? Whatever, I love it all. Well, not so much the spending, but giving gifts is wonderful and if that means a measly bank account then so be it.

If you haven’t gathered yet, I’m a nut about Christmas—and although I get sad when the actual day comes (indicating that the season is, sigh, over)—THIS year my Christmas celebrations are spread out all the way to December 30. So as far as I’m concerned, we’re just getting started!

This morning I paid some much needed attention to my arms in my leisurely, long workout. I feel like I pay so much exercise-related attention to my legs most of the time—because, you know, I’m a runner—therefore my arms get sad that they are merely used as banisters for my watch and iPod. Poor arms—fear not, I will give you some love!

Okay, done with the personification. But seriously, I did some serious arm work today—and I know I’ll be feeling it on my morning airport excursion tomorrow when I get to haul two heavy bags around with me because I refuse to pay to check a bag.

After a nice sweaty spin class, I did a weight circuit for my major arm muscles, including biceps, triceps, pectorals, and shoulders. I also threw in some ab work, because obviously:

1 sit-up=1 cookie.

Did you know that? It’s science.

Afterward, I made my way into the crowded pool for some quality lap swimming. I haven’t swam in a while, and a Spin’n’Swim day was necessary. Again, the arms were given proper attention, and I doubt that they will feel unacknowledged come tomorrow.

I’ve also managed to get my butt to yoga for the past THREE days in a row, which has been fantastic. I’ll let you in on a little secret about yoga and me—I really only go to the Level 1/Beginner classes. I’m decent at yoga thanks to some natural flexibility, however whenever I go to a more advanced class I find myself way too focused on being competitive and getting down on myself for not being able to do certain poses well.

I realize this negates the entire intention of yoga, but I know my crazy competitive self well  enough to know that an hour of yoga, at least for me, is better spent when I can focus on staying present, breathing deeply, and getting the most out of the poses/stretches.

I love the peace and calm yoga gives me, which is my primary intention in going, however my secondary intention is to relieve my running muscles as much as possible with simpler poses that require less frustration and more “Ahhh.” Therefore, I stick to the more beginner classes, and luckily I have two instructors at my gym who I LOVE and they both teach classes that are technically beginner but still result in a meditative yet strengthening session.

Okay, enough about chaturangas and weight lifting. Let’s get to Friday Favorites!

1) Pintrest

I love pretty things.

If you have a Pintrest account, I really don’t need to say anything more—because I know you understand.

If you don’t have an account, I don’t know if I should encourage you to join or vehemently warn you against it.

This site is SO ADDICTING.

In a nutshell, it’s a collection of nicely categorized pictures from all around the internet— all of which are totally gorgeous. You can easily spend an hour gawking at all the lovely images of nature, home decor, craft ideas, food, and literally everything in life you can think of that’s wonderful. It’s almost a better time waster than TV, and seriously you can get hooked easily. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2) Love Actually

I can watch this movie year round, but I make it a point to watch it as close to Christmas as possible. No matter the circumstances going on in my life, no matter my mood, this movie will always brighten me up.

Also, Colin Firth.

3) Soy Mistos

Runner's World + misto= good day

{Disclaimer: a misto is the Starbucks way of saying “cafe au lait”}

Thanks to my coworker Leanne, this has been my Starbucks drink of choice for nearly a year now, and I am still never sick of them.

I needed to pay some tribute to this lovely combination of brewed coffee, steamed milk, and cheaper-than-other-specialty-drinks cup of love that gets me through my days.

4) A Very Special Christmas

This classic Christmas CD is the holiday tune-age that I’ve been listening to before I even knew what Christmas was.

Wait, that never existed!

You get the point—this special CD has been heard in my home during the holidays for as long as I can remember. It has currently been saturating my need for Christmas music this past week, and whenever I hear that first familiar sound of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” I get all warm and tingly as I’m transported back to my eight-year-old self, hoping only for a pair of sparkly shoes and a Jasmine Barbie doll under the tree.

Actually, I really don’t feel like I’ve grown up much since then—sparkly shoes would still be awesome.


photo repeat...shameless

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, BF won the super duper boyfriend award by getting me these custom blog bumper stickers.

Kidding, he always gets that award! But does he…? 😉

Seriously though, I’m giddy about these.

Will they make my blog the most popular site since Lolcats? No, but it doesn’t matter.

Because although these will more than likely only adorn my own possessions and the cars of family members who I will beg and plead to promote me will lovingly slap them on their bumpers, they symbolize a great deal of support and encouragement from BF.

And I love that. In all honesty, this blog offers me an opportunity the write about the things that I love. If tons of people read it, awesome! But if no one does, it doesn’t really matter because I have this space for some solitary reflection and me-time. Sure, I’d love to have a lot of readers—but for now, I’m loving the daily chances to develop myself as a writer.

These bumper stickers can be daily reminders to me of the importance of support and encouragement, from the people I love and for myself—because truly, you are your most influential and important cheerleader.

I hope everyone has had a great end of their week, and you’re getting nestled into a sweets-and-liquor-filled holiday celebration! Have any favorites you’d like to share? Let’s hear ’em!


Weekend Recap

For better or for worse, I’ve never really been one of those people who dislike Mondays. For better, because the end of the weekend doesn’t necessarily bring me down, and worse—because my enthusiasm for a new week can be annoying for all the normal people out there.

Either way, it’s Monday, and I’m ready for it!

Today is a rest day, my first in a while, and I’m actually pumped about it. Normally on rest days I get a little restless and bored, but this one feels needed and I plan on taking full advantage of my scheduled laziness.

This past weekend was fabulous and filled to the brim with Seattle themed activities.

To begin…

Friday night, BF took me to a wonderful three-in-one date in downtown. For those of you who don’t know…three-in-one means drinks at once place, dinner at another, AND dessert at another. It’s a lot—hence why it rarely happens and hence why it was an exciting occasion. We weren’t celebrating anything particular, which I think took some of the normal big-date pressure off and made the night highly enjoyable.

Drinks were at an old bar, the Brooklyn, which included oyster shooters (yum?) Dinner was at a fancy shmancy place in Pikes Place Market where the menu is always changing according to the local grub they have available in the market. Needless to say—it was awesome and wayy more than our $10-thai-food palettes ever experience (Hooray giftcards! Thanks BF’s sister!) Dessert was at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we each decided on two things to complete our fabulous night as lushes.

Look at us! We're classy!

Saturday morning included a double spin session which I  typically do once a week. It’s exactly as it sounds…two spin classes in a row…and it’s a fantastic sweat session which tests endurance as well as speed. The classes are normally different, and so all different spinning muscles get a great workout. By the end, my shirt and body are covered in sweat, but it’s a great refreshing feel.

Tip: If you are attending two spin sessions in a row, drink more water during the first class than you normally would and take a little walk around in between classes—it helps get you ready for the second class.

The rest of Saturday was relaxing—filled with Starbucks, reading, tons of grocery shopping, and finished with a trip down to my alma mater to see a dance performance with some friends.

New Runner's World and coffee..nothing better. Oh wait, and Christmas cups..double win.

Sunday morning traditionally consists of a long run (for both BF and myself) and then we rendezvous for bagels afterward. It’s a great routine, and helps make the long early morning miles much more worth it. Anyways, yesterday I wanted to do two things: Run for two hours and take on the biggest hill in our West Seattle neighborhood. I’m normally someone who has their route very mapped out and planned two days before a run, however on Sunday I was a little at a loss of exactly what to do—so I decided to just start my watch and see where my feet took me.

By the end, I managed to accomplish both my goals (with an additional 9 minutes) and had knocked out 15 miles—the furthest since my marathon! I had finally defeated the hill that has scared me ever since we moved here, and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Side Note: I’m the BIGGEST baby about hills.

The rest of the day was relaxing, with more Starbucks, crossword puzzles, a Target trip, football, and a mega huge chocolate cookie from my favorite bakery. It was a good day, and yes—my boyfriend and I are prone to acting like an 80 year old couple. Whatever.

Anyways, now it’s Monday…my calves are still a bit knotty from yesterday, and I’m looking forward to a great week.


How was your weekend? Any crazy/fun/exciting/delicious/lazy/etc adventures to recap? Tell!