2012 Miles and Friday Favorites

Happy Friday all 🙂

Today is spectacular is Seattle, WA—blue skies, sunshine, and a nice-end-of-January crispness of 40 degrees. If you’ve never experienced the phenomenon of seeing Seattle residents break out of their cocoons when the sun comes out—I highly recommend it. Watching a bunch of people used to rain and clouds react to the sunshine is hysterical, and results in a lot of smiles, shirtless sun bathing despite the temperature, increased beach occupancy (again, despite temperatures), and wayyy too many, “How about the weather???”

I fall for it too, though, and you really realize how awesome sunny days are when you’ve been layered in clouds for three months.

The sun started yesterday afternoon, and I purposefully moved my morning run to later in the day for this exact reason. I woke up to hard rain on my window, and knowing that the sun would be out later was reason enough to sleep a bit more.

I was antsy and restless without my morning dose of endorphins and sweat, however the wait was worth it—the run was spectacular. Shorts and a t-shirt, no iPod necessary, AND I finished the 12.25 miles averaging 7:49 splits. This, for me, is very quick—and I’m not sure if it was the restlessness, the extra fuel/hydration, or simply the sun, but this time amped me up.

Moving on, along with scheduling marathons, half-marathons, and various other endeavors that require carbohydrates and result in a medal, one of my goals for 2012 is to run 2012 miles. BF came up with this idea, and once I hear a number—I have a hard time not wanting desperately to reach it. This goal is very dependent on staying injury free, and even with marathon training it will definitely be a stretch to reach it. I’ll keep quarterly updates on how this goal is coming along, but as of right now…the year is 7.37% over and I have run 7.68% of my goal. A bit ahead, which is great, but stay tuned…

Now onto Friday Favorites!

For those of you who are new, I decided that recalling your Favorite Things are a great mood booster…therefore I have devoted my favorite day of the week to listing some of my all-time and current faves.

1) My Shower, specifically…My Shower after running.

mmmmm, cleanness

So BF and I scored when we moved in terms of our shower. We live in an older house, so the tub is one of those raised, claw foot tubs with a curtain that wraps around the inside. The shower head, however, is a rain shower head and therefore engulfs you beneath it.

Also, for whatever reason our water heater is up way too high and our shower can get HOT. I love being warm, and therefore I steadily increase my shower temperature throughout the duration of my bathing.

Showering after running, also, is almost better than a huge bowl of oatmeal after running—ALMOST. Specifically during this time of year, I feel like my body and muscles totally thaw out and relax in the shower after I run—and because running is refreshing on its own, adding a smelling good/clean factor to the cleansing runner’s high is magical.

2) Over-sized Food

14 inches of goat cheesy heaven

Okay, let me first say that I am the first person to criticize the American idea of portions. In my opinion, it’s the biggest reason for the obesity epidemic.

HOWEVER. Sometimes, I really really really love/need a massive piece of pizza, or a really big cookie. Lucky me—last night, both entered my belly, and they were very happy to be there. This slice of heaven came from Tallaricos, a restaurant in West Seattle BF and I had never been, and it was insanely large and insanely good.

3) Born to Run

I will admit….I started this book a longgg time ago, and put it down because it just wasn’t holding my interest. However, thanks to the persuasion of numerous friends and family members, I decided to give it a go once again. And I LOVE it. This book is all about those crazy runners out there—the types that do ultras every other weekend and enjoy running 100 miles up mountains.

These people absolutely fascinate me, and this book has me totally hooked!

4) Peanut Butter; or really any type of nut that has been turned into a creamy, delicious spread.

I honestly feel like I’m downplaying my love of peanut butter by putting it in my Friday Favorites, but seeing as this Tuesday was National Peanut Butter Day, it felt appropriate.

I actually feel that I should be writing an epic poem, an ode, or perhaps a love song about my affection for peanut butter. It’s deep, passionate, and above all—everlasting.

5) My iPhone

SO. This past weekend, I finally converted to being an iPod person. I’ve never had a smart phone before, and although I hate to admit it, this thing is…awesome. I don’t exactly know how to work it correctly yet, however it’s very shiny, simple, and allows for ample procrastination. All good things.

Also, it will make chronicling my experiences for my blog much easier, so that is quite nice.


In the words of Cartoon Network, “That’s all folks!”

I’ll be spending the weekend in Spokane with my dear friend Anna, so recap on that on Monday. Happy Friday!

Question: What are YOUR Friday Favorites?

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