Friday Favorites: Chocolate Eggs and Little Spoons

Not to mimic the probable ranting of everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter, but seriously…

TGI friggin’ F

This week has felt super long, and I haven’t been this ready for the weekend in a long time. Also, while I’m normally all jazz-hands and sunshine on Fridays, today I’m feeling a little blah. Not too great, not too bad…just sort of mediocre.

Which I hate. As someone who gets kicks out of the simplest things in life (free cookie samples! dogs playing fetch! a cute baby sighting!) mediocrity and I do not get along well.

However, it is in fact Friday, which means that some acknowledgment of my Favorite Things is in order.

Fun Fact: I recently discovered that “Friday Favorites” was not in fact the work of my oh-so-inventive imagination, and actually—just about every blogger and their moms do Friday Favorites (Speaking of, mother—what are your favorite things today?). I actually really enjoyed learning about this, because I think these communal favorite-filled posts create a cyber vortex of internet positive energy.

Happiness is infectious people, it’s science.

Anyways, before I get into some Favorite Things, I’ll update you on my Eugene 2012 training, as well as my 2012 miles goal:

Eugene: I don’t really know what “week” I’m in, but this particular week of training is actually a cut-back week in terms of long-run mileage. My run this Sunday will be 16 or so miles, as I get ready to amp up next week for an over 20-miler. I am allowing myself to get passed Sunday before I go into anxiety-mode over that one.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m being a little more intentional about my goals for each run in terms of my speed, and although I’m Garmin-less (which would make this endeavor much more legit) I’m finding that my Timex and are working just fine.

2012 Miles: This was originally a “just for fun” goal, but I’m realizing it requires some serious tracking! I normally log my miles in the very official location known as my brain, so I think I’m going to have to start logging somewhere like Daily Mile or even just a planner so I can stop doing long math equations over and over. However, the results are in!

Miles Run in 2012: 373.65

Percentage of Goal: 18.57%

Percentage of Year Over: 16.93%

Hoorah! Still on track. Now, I need to actually get some official recording devices. You people and your fancy things…I don’t know how you do it.

Okay, I’m done with numbers…my right brain has had enough. Time for Friday Favorites! Ready….GO

Trader Joe’s

The sun shines for TJs, even when it's raining throughout the rest of Seattle.

Not to get totally stereotypical young-adult-in-Seattle on you, but I really can’t help myself. I adore Trader Joe’s. Anyone who’s familiar can relate; everything from the free samples every time I go in to the insanely low prices for the unique, natural, and fantastic food selections just drives me wild about this place. I go out of my way to grocery shop here (not every time I shop, of course) and it always feels like an occasion.




Cadbury Mini Eggs

So, I recently had a bit of a battle royale over Facebook about the debate between Cadbury Mini Eggs and their goo-filled counterparts, Cadbury Creme Eggs. Amusingly, the two people who shunned me the most for choosing the Mini Eggs over the Creme ones were Anna, my best friend, and BF, my…well, you get it.

There may be some domestic disputes erupting shortly, but I’ll hold my ground. These little chocolate eggs are SO much better than the creme eggs. Not that I dislike the creme ones necessarily, but there’s something a little off to me about “creme” that’s been sitting inside something for a likely exceedingly long period of time. Side Note: “Cream” is actually the correct spelling for non-artificial, honest-to-goodness milk cream. I bet you are PSYCHED you know that now.

Also, you can eat more of these little eggs due to their size and packaging, so obviously that makes them better.

Small Silverware

Please note, this is a dramatization.

I have a confession to several restaurants out there: If you are missing some of your miniature silverware, it’s because it is currently sitting in my utensil drawer.

I am in love with cute little flatware, and I use it as frequently as I can. My “little spoon” (as she is so creatively and affectionately named) gets washed more than anything else I own because of her ample usage. I’m someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of eating slowly or pacing myself on a meal, so another benefit of my little friends is that they sort of force me to at least somewhat control my bite sizes.

And yes, I do use proper pronouns when referring to my possessions.

And before you call the Seattle Police Department, I really have only taken three items from restaurants. Wait, four. But once I have a little knife, I’ll be done with my thievery.

Until then, the hunt is on…

Starbucks Blonde Roast

Now that's a hot blonde.

I have to give accolades to this new brew that you have inevitably heard all the hype about already. While I don’t like super sweet coffee, I do think that when coffee is too strong it tastes like dirt—therefore when my customary drink (a soy cafe au lait) is made with a really bitter roast, I huff and puff a bit about how my coffee is ruined.

The blonde roast, however, guarantees a drinkable cup o’ joe for me, and I’m thankful to have something I can count on.



Glee’s Version of the Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”

So, I actually thought I had previously favorited the original version of this song, and apparently that’s not true. Just so K.Clarkson knows, I adore the original version and think it’s insanely empowering—and I love the fact that Glee decided to cover it with an all-female ensemble.

Girl power is a wonderful thing. Go Glee. Go Kelly.

Alright people, what are your favorite things this week? Long run plans for the weekend? Exciting plans for the weekend? Tell me please!!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Chocolate Eggs and Little Spoons

  1. sweetmaddy

    Your favorite commenter here. 🙂
    I am with Anna and BF..I even brought back some Cadbury eggs after a visit home last week, intending to give them to my kids here. But I think I will just keep them all for myself, they are too good. 🙂 Also, crème is the French word for cream, so maybe candy companies started using it to make their candy seem fancier?


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