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Running(!), Bridesmaids, and Doughnuts

Greetings friends, strangers, and family members who lovingly check in on my life.

How’s it going?

It’s JUNE. How did that happen?! I seriously feel like I was just bundling up every day and cranking my heater on a regular basis. Spring flew by, and while I know each year everyone seems to talk about how fast the time goes, for real this year seems even speedier. I’m just hoping this isn’t a sign of getting older…24 is ripe, I’ll tell you.

But let’s celebrate the time instead of commiserate its passing, shall we?


Friday Faves (obvs), AND I have some encouraging news. It’s not exclamation point encouraging, but exciting nonetheless.


I RAN. Well, ran-walked. And unlike Sunday’s fail of a walk-run attempt, I can confidently say that this excursion went well! Let’s back track a bit though and do a little lack-of-running recap.

Since doomsday the Tacoma Marathon, I haven’t been running at all. I tried a few times, realized very quickly that my IT band is shot, and since then I’ve been desperately trying to massage and ice and exorcise the stubborn demons out of my leg. It has been a month, which is pretty hard to believe—since it seems like only a little bit ago I felt fully recovered. Pathetic.

And no, I haven’t really been performing exorcisms on body parts. Yet.

Anyway, I have been sad, you have heard a lot about it, I have become a grumpy injured runner, etc. Whine whine whine.

Despite being peeved at anyone and everyone with fully-functioning legs, I actually have been more okay with this running leave-of-absence than I thought. After getting myself back together after that race, I realized that taking a step back was probably just what I needed. Although I’m sad it took an injury to fully solidify my “rest period,” the timing is without question the universe telling me to slow down. And slowing I have been.

Cue, Wednesday afternoon. I wanted to try walk/running again. I was/am tired of being inside on a spin bike while everyone in the entire world is out running.

(By the way, when you all of a sudden can’t run, every single person and their puppy seems to start running.)

It only took about 2 minutes in for my knee to seize in that all-too-familiar way, and so I started to walk, per run/walk standard procedure. After a minute, I started to run again, and after another two minutes…I realized my knee felt better. Not great, but not bad. While I am always hoping that one day I’ll wake up and the running gods will have waved their wands (the Stick) and made my ailments completely go away, at this point…I’ll take what I can get.

And guess what? I was out on my favorite route for 45 minutes!! 32 of which were running, and the others were spent stretching/walking. I didn’t even really care that I was having to walk at some points when I otherwise would have been flying by other people. It felt so good to be outside, by the water, and actually sweating from running. I know I had a big smile on my face the whole time, and I felt better after each spurt of running.



It would be a lie to say that my knee didn’t hurt afterwards, because it did. However, although the running is bringing on the IT band flare, it doesn’t seem to be making it worse, does that make sense? As in, the pain is there…but it’s not getting any more significant through movement.

The next day, I was sore but still pleased that for the first time in a month, I can say that I covered over 4.5 miles.

You cannot see my sweat, but it’s there!! And it’s from running!!


I’m going to try again perhaps Sunday, and with any luck this next attempt will be even better. Wednesday’s run was the first time I’ve actually felt hopeful about my running endeavors in a while, and that’s a good feeling.

ALSO. In other news regarding feeling like a runner…remember back when how I told you about my two dead toenails holding on for dear life? Yes, well, they have been hanging around, black and beautiful. I figured since I haven’t been running, they would calm themselves down and return to a semi-normal look.

So I go to cut my toenails last night, and I realize that one of my black nails is COMING OFF. Like, I could easily pick it up.

I’ll spare you details, you get it, but I am officially toenail-less. Which is nasty, no doubt, but it’s also a friendly little reminder that I am, in fact, a runner…injury or not.

Also, writing about cutting my toenails feels really TMI, so… sorry. Strange, because apparantly I have no qualms with talking about peeing my pants while running.

Moving on…let’s get onto some Friday favorites eh? I’ve been slacking recently, sorry, but I’m back and ready to deliver the goods. And by “goods,” I mean “random shit that I like that I’m going to tell you about because this is my blog and you are reading it.”

It’s fine.

Christian The Lion

If you have not seen this video, STOP what you are doing, no I don’t care if your boss can see, and watch this video. It is almost certain that everyone has seen it, but if not…you will not be disappointed.

This never fails to bring a smile to my face and actual tears to my eyes. I don’t cry from movies people, ever. But this is perfect. Animals really have the whole unconditional love thing figured out…if only we could catch on.

How much do you want to hug a lion after watching this? Also, Whitney is crucial to building the anticipation.

(Side note: When I say I don’t cry in movies, I’m really not kidding. However I need to inform you that no matter how immune to tv/movie crying you may be, if you watch the Glee season finale from this year while on a foam roller you WILL burst into heavy uncontrollable tears. Seriously, SOBS.)

Dixie Cup Ice Massages

Every runner should know about this contraption. Oh wait, I was the only runner who wasn’t doing it? Dang.

BUT I have made a few discoveries regarding the usefulness of freezing a Dixie cup full of water.

1) The functionality of icing your leg is highly improved by using this method as opposed to holding individual ice cubes and pointlessly running them along your leg.

2) This shit hurts. Due to increased grippage (thanks Dixie people), you can really dig into your muscles with this baby. Ice AND massage= two for one special! The concentration of a huge hunk of ice on a knotty IT band yields a good deal of pain, and with enough effort, this can be as brutal as the foam roller.

*Question for anyone who has done this…is it normal for me to be sore the next day from doing this last night?? I think I might be bruising.

Pink Lady Apples

I cannot believe I haven’t done this one before, but I actually don’t think this favorite has been on my list.

I can safely say that I eat an apple every single day. I love them, they are easily transportable, and they accent other things so well. With that said, I have made the rounds in terms of trying all different kinds of apples.

My key components are: crispiness, tartness, and size.

I love me a huge apple, which often times dictates which ones I pick up. Also lucky I live in WA, where the big apples are ample.

Through all my experimentation, Pink Lady apples are the winners in terms of consistency and appeasing all my apple must-haves. The are always hard, tart with a subtle sweetness, and they are generally big.

Galas and honeycrisps suffice when my favorite PLs are absent, but otherwise I will be a Pink Lady lover for life.


I know, I know. Old news, everyone has already ranted and quoted on and on about this movie.

Don’t care, it’s on the favorites.

This movie gets funnier every time I watch it, and so far I haven’t gotten sick of quoting or rewatching it. There are SO many funny things that aren’t even that obvious at first, and I credit it to the brilliance of Kristin Wiig and the probable ad-libbing that went on. Megan is obviously the best character, with Annie’s (K. Wiig) female roommate as a close second.

This is not going to be interesting whatsoever, but in case you are as obsessed as me and can identify these nuances, I’ll share some of my favorite lines which frequently make their way into my daily vocabulary. If you’re over this movie, just go ahead and skip ahead:

“Oh that’s prickly.”

“I’m glad he’s single cause I’m gonna climb that like a tree.”

“No it’s not… me.”

“Yea oh shit. Yea oh shit.”

“I’m just gonna snowball off of that and say Fight Club. Female Fight Club.”

“Well only because I’ve never had a drink!”

OK. Done.

National Food Holidays

I love food. I love when everyone else loves food, too. I don’t always participate, admittedly, but I think it’s a hoot when everyone’s all of a sudden buying grilled cheeses or cupcakes or eating peanut butter by the spoonful—which is super fun, any day of the year.

With that said…

Today is National Doughnut Day.

Celebrate accordingly.

I don’t really need an excuse for most things, but doughnuts are something I rarely have…so why not today, right?

PLAY WITH ME! What are your favorite things? What kind of apples do you like? Favorite Bridesmaids lines? Is my post-ice massage soreness kosher? Are you kosher? Is anyone really kosher? I’m done I’m done.

Friday Favorites: Chocolate Eggs and Little Spoons

Not to mimic the probable ranting of everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter, but seriously…

TGI friggin’ F

This week has felt super long, and I haven’t been this ready for the weekend in a long time. Also, while I’m normally all jazz-hands and sunshine on Fridays, today I’m feeling a little blah. Not too great, not too bad…just sort of mediocre.

Which I hate. As someone who gets kicks out of the simplest things in life (free cookie samples! dogs playing fetch! a cute baby sighting!) mediocrity and I do not get along well.

However, it is in fact Friday, which means that some acknowledgment of my Favorite Things is in order.

Fun Fact: I recently discovered that “Friday Favorites” was not in fact the work of my oh-so-inventive imagination, and actually—just about every blogger and their moms do Friday Favorites (Speaking of, mother—what are your favorite things today?). I actually really enjoyed learning about this, because I think these communal favorite-filled posts create a cyber vortex of internet positive energy.

Happiness is infectious people, it’s science.

Anyways, before I get into some Favorite Things, I’ll update you on my Eugene 2012 training, as well as my 2012 miles goal:

Eugene: I don’t really know what “week” I’m in, but this particular week of training is actually a cut-back week in terms of long-run mileage. My run this Sunday will be 16 or so miles, as I get ready to amp up next week for an over 20-miler. I am allowing myself to get passed Sunday before I go into anxiety-mode over that one.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m being a little more intentional about my goals for each run in terms of my speed, and although I’m Garmin-less (which would make this endeavor much more legit) I’m finding that my Timex and runningmap.com are working just fine.

2012 Miles: This was originally a “just for fun” goal, but I’m realizing it requires some serious tracking! I normally log my miles in the very official location known as my brain, so I think I’m going to have to start logging somewhere like Daily Mile or even just a planner so I can stop doing long math equations over and over. However, the results are in!

Miles Run in 2012: 373.65

Percentage of Goal: 18.57%

Percentage of Year Over: 16.93%

Hoorah! Still on track. Now, I need to actually get some official recording devices. You people and your fancy things…I don’t know how you do it.

Okay, I’m done with numbers…my right brain has had enough. Time for Friday Favorites! Ready….GO

Trader Joe’s

The sun shines for TJs, even when it's raining throughout the rest of Seattle.

Not to get totally stereotypical young-adult-in-Seattle on you, but I really can’t help myself. I adore Trader Joe’s. Anyone who’s familiar can relate; everything from the free samples every time I go in to the insanely low prices for the unique, natural, and fantastic food selections just drives me wild about this place. I go out of my way to grocery shop here (not every time I shop, of course) and it always feels like an occasion.




Cadbury Mini Eggs

So, I recently had a bit of a battle royale over Facebook about the debate between Cadbury Mini Eggs and their goo-filled counterparts, Cadbury Creme Eggs. Amusingly, the two people who shunned me the most for choosing the Mini Eggs over the Creme ones were Anna, my best friend, and BF, my…well, you get it.

There may be some domestic disputes erupting shortly, but I’ll hold my ground. These little chocolate eggs are SO much better than the creme eggs. Not that I dislike the creme ones necessarily, but there’s something a little off to me about “creme” that’s been sitting inside something for a likely exceedingly long period of time. Side Note: “Cream” is actually the correct spelling for non-artificial, honest-to-goodness milk cream. I bet you are PSYCHED you know that now.

Also, you can eat more of these little eggs due to their size and packaging, so obviously that makes them better.

Small Silverware

Please note, this is a dramatization.

I have a confession to several restaurants out there: If you are missing some of your miniature silverware, it’s because it is currently sitting in my utensil drawer.

I am in love with cute little flatware, and I use it as frequently as I can. My “little spoon” (as she is so creatively and affectionately named) gets washed more than anything else I own because of her ample usage. I’m someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of eating slowly or pacing myself on a meal, so another benefit of my little friends is that they sort of force me to at least somewhat control my bite sizes.

And yes, I do use proper pronouns when referring to my possessions.

And before you call the Seattle Police Department, I really have only taken three items from restaurants. Wait, four. But once I have a little knife, I’ll be done with my thievery.

Until then, the hunt is on…

Starbucks Blonde Roast

Now that's a hot blonde.

I have to give accolades to this new brew that you have inevitably heard all the hype about already. While I don’t like super sweet coffee, I do think that when coffee is too strong it tastes like dirt—therefore when my customary drink (a soy cafe au lait) is made with a really bitter roast, I huff and puff a bit about how my coffee is ruined.

The blonde roast, however, guarantees a drinkable cup o’ joe for me, and I’m thankful to have something I can count on.



Glee’s Version of the Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”

So, I actually thought I had previously favorited the original version of this song, and apparently that’s not true. Just so K.Clarkson knows, I adore the original version and think it’s insanely empowering—and I love the fact that Glee decided to cover it with an all-female ensemble.

Girl power is a wonderful thing. Go Glee. Go Kelly.

Alright people, what are your favorite things this week? Long run plans for the weekend? Exciting plans for the weekend? Tell me please!!

First Friday Favorites!

Hello! Welcome to my favorite day of the week.

I made a snappy decision this morning that since Fridays are always so magical, and I have an unhealthy amount of gleeful merriment surrounding me, this day of the week on RunBirdieRun will officially be known as…

Friday Favorites!

[Whenever I use the word “gleeful” in describing my mood, 99% of the time it should be translated as “caffeine induced.”]

Since I do not like taking good moods for granted, I decided that Friday is the perfect time of the week to reflect and share some of my favorite things. Some will be very current, some will be things I love all the time but just happen to give frequent accolades to. But no matter what, I will hereby devote some Friday time to proclaiming a few of my favorite things. And the best part? YOU can too! I absolutely adore hearing about the things that people love, and I think it’s a healthy practice to consider the things in your life that make you smile.

Puppies are one of my favorite things. Smiling puppies are even better!

Aside: Please know that the inspiration for this idea came in lieu of my affection for the song, “A Few of My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music, not Oprah.

No, not Oprah…she’s cool, but yea…no.

Also, when you  say “hereby” in any capacity, you are fully committing to whatever decree you are making. So therefore, I’m in!

Moving on…

This week, I wanted to kick off “Friday Favorites” with a little combination of the things I’m currently enamored with and the things that keep me happy day-to-day, just so you can learn a bit more about me 🙂 So without further ado, this Friday, I am favorite-ing…

1) This mash up:

I admit it, I still love Glee. This mashup of “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You” hits the nail on the head, and if you love Adele like I do, you won’t be disappointed! I can’t stop listening to it, and it will definitely be making it’s way onto my running playlist soon.

2) Cookie making!

This is a regular past time for me, and it helps me find my happy place. My specialty is chocolate chip, but recently I’ve been experimenting more and trying out all different types of recipes.


My co-worker Leanne and I are competing tonight in a peanut butter cookie showdown. We’re having an annual holiday party, so our colleagues will be voting on who made the better batch. I admittedly have done a lot of shit-talking(I also never said this blog was rated PG), but whatever happens…I got to make cookies, and I will get to eat cookies, therefore I consider it a win.


So BF and I use our Netflix account pretty much for the sole purpose of renting complete seasons of shows and watching them beginning to end. We recently got all caught up on Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother, so we decided something a bit more dark and mysterious was in order.

In a nutshell, this show is awesome. It’s addicting, creepy, interesting, and gives you just the right amount of adrenaline to keep you on your toes (this coming from two people who both dislikes scary movies, I’ll have you know). Highly recommended! I’m hooked.

4) Creeping on Lululemon.com, particularly this section

If websites could have stalkers, I would be on the most wanted list for this place. I cannot stop gawking at literally everything, and my wallet just cries out in horror the whole time. I never really get anything, and when I do it’s after weeks of careful deliberation (I have bad buyer’s remorse), but I can’t help looking at all the pretty things.

5) Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong.

Okay, so I actually finished this book a few weeks ago, but I loved it so much I felt like I had to share. Kristin, yes Lance’s ex-wife, is a contributing writer for Runner’s World and she has now written a few books. This was the first book of her’s I’ve read, and I was so touched by it. She offers so much wisdom on all the things running can offer, especially for women, and her combination of clever personal anecdotes and honest reflections really spoke to me. I tried to read it slowly, because I loved it so much I didn’t want it to end. If you love running, this book will inevitably help inspire and excite you. She also has a blog, check it out!


So there you have it!

Five favorites for Friday. So much alliteration, my English major self is all giddy inside.

Looking forward to the weekend…holiday party, seeing Breaking Dawn, long run, and putting up the CHRISTMAS TREE! I should be giggling for two days straight.

Let’s hear some of your favorite things! They can be random, simple, weird, whatever…I’d love to hear, and who knows, maybe it will help widen your Friday smile 🙂