Weekend Recap

For better or for worse, I’ve never really been one of those people who dislike Mondays. For better, because the end of the weekend doesn’t necessarily bring me down, and worse—because my enthusiasm for a new week can be annoying for all the normal people out there.

Either way, it’s Monday, and I’m ready for it!

Today is a rest day, my first in a while, and I’m actually pumped about it. Normally on rest days I get a little restless and bored, but this one feels needed and I plan on taking full advantage of my scheduled laziness.

This past weekend was fabulous and filled to the brim with Seattle themed activities.

To begin…

Friday night, BF took me to a wonderful three-in-one date in downtown. For those of you who don’t know…three-in-one means drinks at once place, dinner at another, AND dessert at another. It’s a lot—hence why it rarely happens and hence why it was an exciting occasion. We weren’t celebrating anything particular, which I think took some of the normal big-date pressure off and made the night highly enjoyable.

Drinks were at an old bar, the Brooklyn, which included oyster shooters (yum?) Dinner was at a fancy shmancy place in Pikes Place Market where the menu is always changing according to the local grub they have available in the market. Needless to say—it was awesome and wayy more than our $10-thai-food palettes ever experience (Hooray giftcards! Thanks BF’s sister!) Dessert was at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we each decided on two things to complete our fabulous night as lushes.

Look at us! We're classy!

Saturday morning included a double spin session which I  typically do once a week. It’s exactly as it sounds…two spin classes in a row…and it’s a fantastic sweat session which tests endurance as well as speed. The classes are normally different, and so all different spinning muscles get a great workout. By the end, my shirt and body are covered in sweat, but it’s a great refreshing feel.

Tip: If you are attending two spin sessions in a row, drink more water during the first class than you normally would and take a little walk around in between classes—it helps get you ready for the second class.

The rest of Saturday was relaxing—filled with Starbucks, reading, tons of grocery shopping, and finished with a trip down to my alma mater to see a dance performance with some friends.

New Runner's World and coffee..nothing better. Oh wait, and Christmas cups..double win.

Sunday morning traditionally consists of a long run (for both BF and myself) and then we rendezvous for bagels afterward. It’s a great routine, and helps make the long early morning miles much more worth it. Anyways, yesterday I wanted to do two things: Run for two hours and take on the biggest hill in our West Seattle neighborhood. I’m normally someone who has their route very mapped out and planned two days before a run, however on Sunday I was a little at a loss of exactly what to do—so I decided to just start my watch and see where my feet took me.

By the end, I managed to accomplish both my goals (with an additional 9 minutes) and had knocked out 15 miles—the furthest since my marathon! I had finally defeated the hill that has scared me ever since we moved here, and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Side Note: I’m the BIGGEST baby about hills.

The rest of the day was relaxing, with more Starbucks, crossword puzzles, a Target trip, football, and a mega huge chocolate cookie from my favorite bakery. It was a good day, and yes—my boyfriend and I are prone to acting like an 80 year old couple. Whatever.

Anyways, now it’s Monday…my calves are still a bit knotty from yesterday, and I’m looking forward to a great week.


How was your weekend? Any crazy/fun/exciting/delicious/lazy/etc adventures to recap? Tell!

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