First post!

Well, I finally cracked.

After weeks of obsessively reading blogs of people who love all the same things I do (namely, running, talking about running, writing about running, and foodie-tendencies) I decided that the only way to satiate my interest in runner blogs was to start one of my own. For now, it’s just a place for me, myself, and I to dish about the random day-to-day thoughts in my head. Sometimes they are coherent, and every once in a while there is something worthwhile, but for the most part my daily routine revolves around the same things:

Running, exercise, good food, staying positive, reading, and laughing.

I am currently 2 years (yikes!) out of undergrad and living in Seattle, WA with my boyfriend, who for right now we’ll refer to as BF. I was an English major in school, and I currently work as Managing Editor for a wedding cake magazine. I got pretty lucky with my job, and I’ve learned a lot from it.

I’ll flesh out the details of my love affair with running/physical fitness in later posts, but for now I’ll just briefly describe my lifestyle as a runner and fitness enthusiast as these are, after all, the primary topics of this blog.

I love running more than most other things on this earth, and I believe wholly in both the physical benefits (of which there are many) and also the mental glory that comes with running. My psyche and overall outlook on life have been nurtured and strengthened through my running endeavors, and I love encouraging others to experience this same relationship.

It’s cheesy, I know. But I can’t help it.

When I’m not hitting the pavement around my beautiful Seattle neighborhood, I’m a gym rat who loves spinning, yoga, lifting, and swimming. I jump at every opportunity to challenge myself, and I love talking with others about the amazing human body and what we’re all capable of.

In conjunction with my fit lifestyle, I love to read, write, watch movies, spend too much money at Target, be  with my friends, and EAT. I love food, namely all types of cookies and nut butter, and I will frequently make anecdotes that are either relevant or not about why food is fantastic.

So here’s to divulging my enthusiasm (yes, craziness) and exuberance for living the best life possible on the almighty world wide web.

What’s up internet? I’m here!

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