Philadelphia Marathon Training Week #11

Last week was my first peak week of this training cycle! And it was the most miles I’ve ever run in one week! And I ran a half-marathon! So many exclamation points!

I had been hoping to peak around 60 miles this training cycle, but I wasn’t going to force it if it didn’t feel feasible, or if it felt like I was pushing it too much. Like I said in my last update, recently I’ve started to really feel my fitness creeping in, so I thought I’d set the goal of 60 miles and see how it went. My long run this week was also going to be a hybrid 20-miler: 7 easy miles early in the morning, followed by the Denver Rock ’n’ Roll half marathon with the goal of running my hopeful marathon pace. Lots of big numbers, lots of good training, here’s how it all unfolded:

Monday: 9 miles

Tuesday: 8 miles + Core Power yoga

Wednesday: November Project workout + run to and from (6.5 miles total)

Killer NP workout, including bounding up big stairs and bunny hopping up little stairs. Also, I won the Positivity Award! It may or may not have sat next to my bed for the entire week…which may or may not have made me smile every time I went to bed and every time I woke up.

This is Alli Bell, who is the best, bestowing me with the Positivity Award via a stellar poem. It was all awesome.

This is Alli Bell, who is the best, bestowing me with the Positivity Award via a stellar poem. It was all awesome.

Thursday: 10 miles

This run was heaven. Perfect fall temperatures and a sunrise that stopped me dead in my tracks and made me wish I ran with my phone.

Friday: Core Power yoga

Yoga in the dark in the early morning was close to the most relaxing way to start a Friday. I’m really enjoying supplementing my running with yoga, and it definitely does not feel like a chore or a hassle at all.

Saturday: 6.5 miles easy

Sunday: 7 miles easy + Denver Rock ‘N Roll half-marathon in 1:43:17 (7:52 average pace)

I was a little apprehensive about how this whole crazy scheme would shake out. Doing this made me feel a little insane, but I’ve done this same “20 miler” scenario before and it ended up being the biggest confidence booster on the road to Eugene. Which is why I decided to schedule it for this Philly training cycle, and as you can see above – it worked out great, once again!


I’ll write a full recap soon (promise), but essentially – this was as good as I could have hoped for in terms of how this race unfolded. My pace was spot on where I’d like to run at Philly, and it was on the back-end of a huge week, which gives me a lot of gusto for the added benefits tapering will provide. Not to mention this was hillier than Philly will be, and I’ll have sea-level on my side for the marathon as well. So, while I realize running 7 miles before a half-marathon seems positively wild (and it sort of is), I’ve really become a fan of it for marathon training. Not to mention running 13.1 miles of a 20 miler alongside thousands of people around your city is infinitely more entertaining than designing a route to run solo.

Total=60.1 miles

Really happy with last week, overall. It did, however, take it out of me a bit – as this week hasn’t exactly been top notch. But, my plan this week is to take it easier as a step-back, crank into high gear next week for my second and final peak week, then lock it in for a three week taper. Holy shit, I can’t believe tapering is only a week and half away! Scary. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, I’m still focusing on keeping the balance of hard work and quality rest in harmonious equilibrium…and judging by the amount of sleeping in I’ve done this week, I’d say I’m doing a solid job.

On one final note from last week, Peyton is the best, and now it’s going to be hard for people to keep denying it. GO BRONCOS!


509, adios Brett

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