Boston Marathon Training Week #2

I have two other posts drafted that I intended on using between these weekly “training” posts. Alas, they aren’t quite ready yet, so here’s another training update coming yer way.

Last week was…fine. Nothing special, nothing terrible. This whole not wearing a watch thing has moved from freeing to frustrating.

While I’m certainly not interested in scrutinizing numbers for the time being, I’m the type of runner who is more motivated by speed versus time on my feet, mileage, etc. Achieving certain speeds in key workouts, typically, is what whets my training appetite; it keeps me coming back for more, and it makes the rest of the humdrum miles much more enjoyable/tolerable. Without much fitness, I’ve resolved that this will be a training session more about getting to the start line rather than how fast I can get to the finish line.

And that’s okay, because I have a very strong feeling the reward will be worth the compromise.

But, I’m realizing more and more that speed is perhaps my greatest motivator as a runner (which, I know, does not make me unusual in any way). Of course, I love running for running’s sake, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to training and getting out the door in the dark when it’s raining, speed dreams keep me all pumped up. While some are inspired by imagining going longer distances, I am inspired by faster times.

What was my point again? Oh ya, it’s been tough to let go of my speed-centric tendencies. But, I’m sure it’s a good experience/experiment for me to go through, and it’s helping kindle the fire for when I can move my legs faster than a slog once again.

Enough though, here’s last week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7 easy miles

I was running late at the end of this run, meaning I needed to turn over my legs a bit more during the last ~1/2 mile. It felt so good to run a little closer to my normal speed.

Wednesday: 6 treadmill miles + Total Body Conditioning class

I really hate the treadmill nowadays. Once upon a time when I was in better shape, I tolerated the ‘mill and actually enjoyed using it for some speed work. Recently though, it’s been hell. The combination of heat and boredom zaps all motivation from my body, which already didn’t have much motivation to begin with. Not to mention that I needed to take multiple bathroom stops during this run, so it didn’t even feel like a complete 6 miles.

And the class, which is ordinarily all kinds of greatness, sucked big time this day. I suppose I should have expected a certain lack-lusterness after the shit storm that was my run, but alas — I just whined internally most of the time. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…blah, blah, blah.

Thursday: Spin + ~15 min core

Fun fact: I broke up with spinning last October-ish. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, it required too much equipment (oh the horror…bike shoes AND a water bottle), and generally I just preferred to run or do nothing. But now that I’m in need of a little more cross-training, I decided to buck up and get back, literally, in the saddle. And it was…good! The class featured four, 8-minute segments of just-below threshold effort, which was just what I wanted; an endurance challenge, but not an all-out effort.

Friday: ~50 min elliptical + Total Body Conditioning class

Class was so much better on Friday. Hard, per usual, but a much more tolerable level. We did a lot of new-to-me moves, and everything we did felt effective and constructive.

Still hate the elliptical. But, this week, it was more pleasant than the treadmill.

Saturday: 16 miles

Someone decided it would be an effective training idea to make the last 1.5 miles of this run up the steepest hill in the neighborhood. What a jerk. But, overall I was happy with this run. Legs worked, energy was fine, and generally I loved feeling the “marathon training” aura of this run. I finally used my Garmin too for the first time since I got hurt in November, and it wasn’t too terrible. Even some miles back in the 8s. Slowly but surely.

Sunday: 6 recovery miles

I managed to run this during the single hour of sunlight Seattle had this weekend, and it was lovely. While nothing was too special about this run, I became a little overcome with the feeling that I was training for Boston. While this might sound a little obvious, I suppose I hadn’t really internalized it too much until recently. Pretty cool.

Total= 35 miles

All in all, good things. Mentally and physically, I’m trying to master the yin and yang of the give and takes of training. Run some, rest some, repeat. It seems simple, but it’s definitely a trial and error process. I’m just happy to be able to participate in all of it.

This guy was stuffed in a delivery box waiting for me on V-Day. The best. I'm thinking Theodore for his name.

This guy was stuffed in a delivery box waiting for me on V-Day. The best. I’m thinking Theodore for his name.

Hopefully I’ll be dropping in sooner than next week. I hope everyone had a wonderful (and hopefully long) weekend!

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