Boston Marathon Training Week #1

I can’t lie…it feels really, really good to be able to post a training update post!

While I was a little late to start official Boston Marathon training (relative to others), I’m feeling confident in my decision to make the delay and build back some strength and endurance over the month of January.

Running wise, there’s still some improvement to be made in terms of getting back to regular consistency and speed, but I’m otherwise starting to feel in a groove again. My leg has been steadily feeling better every run (almost no IT band aches at all!), I’ve been loving my new trainer shoes, and I’ve recently started even zoning out a little on my runs, which is always my indicator that I’m in an actual rhythm.

The whole needing a bathroom (or three…) along my running routes thing is another issue, but it’s just the way it is right now. I’m not in pain at all stomach-wise anymore, but as we all know, running doesn’t exactly have a backing-up effect. Oh well, things could be much worse.

This first week of training was a little messed up because I had to do my long run for the previous week last Monday due to travel. I prefer to do a Monday-Sunday weekly cycle, so while I’ll list Monday on this week’s breakdown, technically it was included in last week. I’m also not counting it in the mileage total for this week, FYI. Back to normal for week 2. 🙂

Monday: 12.2 (!) mile long run

I was really happy about this run. It was hard, slow, and filled with stops, but my leg felt the most normal it’s felt since I got hurt last November. So encouraging, and this mileage was by far the longest I’d run in a long time.

Tuesday: Rest

Beautiful, glorious rest. I’m trying to be very strategic about my long runs being sandwiched by easy days/rest days. More than likely, all my rest days will follow the weekend or the long run day in the coming weeks.

Wednesday: 7 miles + Total Body Conditioning class

Ran 2.5 to my gym, 2 on the treadmill, took the class, then ran back home. This is the class I’ve taken for over a year and a half and although it was tough to get back into after my lapse in exercise, my strength finally seems to have come back. I was able to lift the same weights I was doing pre-flare up, which was a confidence booster. The running on both ends of the class was very pleasant too. All around a good day.

Thursday: 1 hour swim

Again, coupling the harder days with recovery/low-impact days. I really love swimming for its restorative power, but it’s also a great workout. Pairing swimming with running for me has always been a good combination, and I want to keep integrating it throughout training.

Friday: ~50 minutes elliptical + Total Body Conditioning class

Woof, elliptical. But, I was planning on two days of running in a row for the weekend so I wanted to front load the cross-training. Plus, I had an Outdoor Magazine to read that featured tons of Sochi athletes, which made the time go by quickly. The class was great, and my arms were quivering through half of it. Sorry triceps, time to learn how to work again.

Saturday: 14.2 mile long run

Hallelujah! I was nervous for this run. It would be the furthest I’ve run since the end of September and there were all kinds of unknowns. Luckily, it went great. Lots of runners out too, and everyone was smiling – which is contagious and inevitably gets me to wave and greet everyone I see. The last three miles were tough, and I had to gut it out in the end, but overall I felt good and like a real runner again. My legs were barking afterwards, but in that satisfying long-run fatigue way, which I happily welcomed back into my life.

S: 6 recovery miles + yoga

I ran in the snow/slush after having to bail on a friend-filled Greenlake run. Boo. But, everything felt fine on this run, although running in the snow was harder than I remembered. I was happy to log 20 miles for the weekend, though. And it may have been like pulling teeth, but I managed to get myself to a 75 minute yoga class (which, by the way, is way too long for this yoga-resistant girl). I was doing everything I could to convince myself I didn’t need to go, but ultimately I had to admit that I’m not in the business of being rash with my recovery. Yoga is only going to keep me safe and could prevent any injury relapses. Per usual, I was glad I went.

Total: 27.4 miles  (+12 on Monday)

Currently, I’ve been around 30 miles a week which has felt super comfortable. I’ll probably be aiming for ~35 next week, pending everything feeling good.

I haven’t worn my Garmin since the day I got hurt in November, and I only wear my stop watch when I want to do an out-and-back run based on time. Essentially, speed is the least of my concerns right now, and that’s totally fine with me (notice the complete lack of pace or time above). This training cycle is about getting to Boston healthy and happy and enjoying the race for what it is. I’ll admit, the beckoning call of a marathon goal-time is ringing in my ear, but I’ll be saving that for the fall.

Overall, I’m glad I’ve logged an official week of training, and I feel like I’ve got a great grasp on what’s working in terms of getting my base back while still staying safe and healthy.

This upcoming week will include more of the same, and hopefully a 16 mile long run at the end of it.

The road to Boston has begun! I know it’s not going to be the easiest ride, but more than anything…I’m really just so happy to be able to say that I’m training for a marathon again.

3 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training Week #1

  1. cisforcourtney

    Awesome first week of training! It sounds like you get in some solid cross training as well! Have you tried an elimination diet to see if that helps with the tummy issues? I was having INSANE stomach issues last year, and it was so bad it would keep my up at night. I had LEAP testing done and found out I was intolerant to a lot of the things I as eating on a daily basis. Cut them out and it helped tremendously! My biggest intolerances are wheat, corn & tapioca <— which is sadly found in a lot of running gels. An elimination diet might be worth a shot! Again, congrats on another solid week!


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