Zucchinis, Boflex, and High-Heels

Monday! Party! Oh wait, that’s not right.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the beginning of the week.

Since I got serious last Wednesday, and since I am avoiding talking about training at all costs, this post is going to be an entirely random array of musings on things in my life right now. Kind of like Friday Favorites (whoa, how long has that been?) but more like a lot of fluff that’s been filling my brain recently.

Thanks to my coworker, I am currently in possession of the biggest zucchinis ever made. Or grown? You know what I mean.

Photo taken next to mug and purse for scale purposes.

Totally awesome, right? I’m a huge zucch fan, so I was particularly excited about this gift. Best part? She brought me FOUR more of nearly an equivalent size. The problem, however, is that there are just two of us living in our household…and although I’m pretty sure it’s hard to OD on delicious zucchini, I don’t want to risk it.

So last night I made some zucchini bread (successfully, somehow), and so I’m thinking I’ll make an additional loaf or 5 and maybe freeze some of it? Has any ever done that?? I think maybe shredding and freezing could work.

Either way, zucchini party at my house this weekend, and it’s not even BYOZ.

(PS: Wouldn’t it be great if people brought you random inordinate amounts of items all the time? I would gladly take excess shampoo, peanut butter, or bobby pins off anyone’s hands.)

BF and I are gonna get jacked thanks to a new piece of furniture addition to our household:

Nasty feet necessary for scale, again.

Thanks to our handy dandy employment fitness refund deal, BF decided to buy these Boflex weights to have at home—FO FREE. Thanks, Company.

They are HUGE and can be adjusted to all kinds of different weight settings.

If my injury sits around too long, I’m planning on turning into a body builder right in our own living room while simultaneously watching episodes of  various teenager shows.

What, you don’t change into a t-shirt when you get home but keep your work pants on?

I wanted to wear a certain pair of pants (namely because they haven’t been worn every other day these past two weeks unlike my other pairs, see dirty pair above), but I needed to wear heels with them because they’re longer. Obvs, my ankle is a huge asshole right now so I understandably assumed heels would not be favorable.

Also, heels ALWAYS hurt my feet even when I’m not hurt, so why would I want to/attempt to wear them now? PS: Why do I own heels?

Moving on, low and behold—not only do these miracle shoes not hurt my ankle AT ALL, they make it feel better than regular shoes do! I think it’s because I’m landing different and my arch is staying in one place…but whatever it is, I’ll take it.

So, what I’m saying is, there might be a stiletto-clad marathon runner in Chicago on October 7.

On that note, I’m really not happy to report that not much progress has been made on the foot/ankle ordeal. It really blows, and I’m going back and forth between trying to stay calm and edging on tears. Today, I’m calm and somewhat realistic. This weekend, I literally sobbed while swimming. Which, by the way, is not too easy to pull off—however it has the advantage of people not seeing you.

Here’s my Chicago Marathon Training Week #10:

Ran 1/3 mile Saturday, limped 15 minutes home. Hated everyone.

That was all the running that happened, and it barely even happened. It sucks, and as optimistic as I’d like to be, I’m not really able to run at all right now—let alone run a marathon in less than three weeks.

GAH. Frustrating to say the least. I have another doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and I’m doing everything I can to alleviate the pain. It’s so tough though…I need to rest, but I also need to not let my fitness go away too much if there’s a chance I could race. Catch-22. However, although I’ve heard of people not finishing their training—I’ve hardly heard of someone not running for a month and then running their planned marathon.

This was my ankle after “running” Saturday. Can you guess which one hates me right now? And if you say anything about how horrible my toenail polish…….just, don’t.

Annoying, frustrating, sad. All of the above.

However, you never know. Bodies are weird, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned—you never know what to expect with this sport.

Also, sorry all of you with healthy legs, but I am currently cursing/hating on every last person I see out on a run. PLEASE APPRECIATE YOUR FUNCTIONALITY.

That’s all for today. My brother also arrived for COLLEGE IN SEATTLE this weekend and so my whole fam was here to play. It was just what I needed to distract me from my running sorrows—it couldn’t have been better timing. And aside from the pool bawl-fest, I think I farred pretty well all things considered.

Alki beach stroll on Friday night.

Mommy and me.

So classic. Freshman dorm rooms complete with RA decorated doors. I loved it and I wanted to go back to college.

I’ll keep you all updated, but now I need an opinion:

Would it be better to try to run the marathon in high heels, or not do anything for a month and then try and run?


I’m more curious as to how much Aleve/ibuprofen I can pull off cramming into my system. But that kind of question would make you think I have a problem…which I don’t 🙂 promise.

Have a good day, kids.

5 thoughts on “Zucchinis, Boflex, and High-Heels

  1. laurenefries

    Man. That sucks. I hope it starts feeling better! My mom said Chicago was the second-best marathon she’s ever run, so you need to get there healthy and enjoy the crap out of it!

    1. runbirdierun Post author

      {This is the part where you get to say ‘I told you so.’}

      Admittedly, I’m glad you didn’t. Your mom is a BEAST. She should write a book.

  2. Claudette

    Where to start??? Zucchini bread freezes very well. I’ve never tried freezing plain shredded zucchini. Your ankle, even though quite swollen, looks so much daintier than bf’s. I hope you can take some comfort in that! Had a conversation with Ted from Chicago who showed me the marathon route and sights along the way. I thought that even if you couldn’t run it, being there and being a tourist just might be fun!(?) Glad you had a good time with family – your brother is adorable! Claudette

  3. Ricole Runs

    1) High Heels are THE WORST. I never ever ever ever EVER wear them. Or buy them. I just have one pair, and they’re for interviews. Which I have approximately once every 5 years. 2) Are we foot tattoo twins? 3) Your leg is swollen. I’m so sorry, I did not realize it was that bad. You don’t have to hate me – I have a bad hamstring to protect me.

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