Chicago Marathon Training Week #9

A lickety split recap of last week’s training—this whole “three day weekend” thing really takes a toll on how much work needs to be done in 4 days! Worth it.

M:  3750 meter swim

T: 10 m run in the afternoon, no watch, no iPod, no idea of pace

W: 7 m run, 5 @ 7:30 + BodyPump

T: Spin class + ~25 min stair stepper

F: 7 m run to the gym in 57 min, BodyPump class, 3 m run home


S: 13.1 m run, Disneyland Half-Marathon

Total: 40.1 miles

This cutback week was needed BIG TIME. It felt really good to not run as many miles, and by Sunday’s half-marathon, I could feel how happy my legs were to have a little additional rest. Friday’s workout kicked my ass, but I kind of dug it. I normally take it a little easier on the leg weights stuff in BodyPump, but either way—running 3 miles following that class (one up a 5% grade hill) was h-a-r-d. But, since I had only been doing one hard strength session a week, I wanted to get in another while my mileage was lower.

And as for Sunday’s race…a full report will be coming up tomorrow. But for now, let me just say—I have never felt better during a race, and I’ve never had a race fly by so quick. It was magic—and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Hope everyone’s long weekend was splendid! And just think—short week ahead!

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