Wakeboarding Hamsters

Remember how I talk about Favorite things on Fridays?

Yes, me too.

Let’s do it!

A random aside…I realized I go back and forth between calling this activity “Friday Favorites” and “Favorite Things.” What do you think? I realized AFTER I started doing this that Friday Favorites is a blogging world standard…but I kind of dig the tribute to Sound of Music in saying Favorite Things.

So what should it be? Standard Friday Favorites? Favorite Things for Fridays? Does anyone actually care?

Yea, me neither.

Here are things I like that I am going to tell you about. There, that’s simpler.

Thorlo Pad running socks





Never have my toes and feet been more happy than in these fluffy little socks. I was given a pair as a Christmas present (fyi…any present related to running will upgrade your RB status immediately), and since then I’ve added another pair to my collection, because I can’t wear any other socks now.

Yes, this means that my socks are re-worn more often and smell a bit more, but it’s worth it. I actually think these socks helped me get over some plantar faciitis that I was dealing with earlier this year.

Another aside, because apparently the theme of this post is making random side notes. I just realized my feet don’t actually smell bad post running. Weird, because just about everything else is nasty, but I’ve never actually had smelly feet. Now you know about which of my body parts smell when I run, so you’re welcome for that.

pb&j rice cakes

Nope, couldn’t take a picture of the whole thing. Too hungry.

There are few combinations I love more than peanut butter and jam. Strawberry jam, to be specific, however if need be raspberry works too…sometimes. With that said, sometimes I don’t want a whole sandwich, or…I am still digesting one from the night before.  Since it’s difficult to eat peanut butter and jelly without any kind of platform to put them on (a knife and a finger don’t work so well…) I have developed an alternative, which is…in my opinion…the best snack ever.

PB and J on a plain rice cake. It’s a little salty, a little sweet, and it’s the perfect amount for just a snack.

There have been weeks on end where I think I’ve had one of these when I got off work every single day, including right now, and I so look forward to this snacktime. And yes, I do have a snacktime much like many of us had when we got home from school. I’m an adult.

TJ Maxx

This place is the best. Okay, it’s not the best (Target gets that all-powerful title) but in the grand scheme of places to shop, TJ Maxx is up there. When you walk in, an endless amount of opportunities present themselves to you, and suddenly your budget and better reason is thrown out the window because…obviously you need new placemats, a new painting, and 27 new shirts.

However, thanks to a little thing called markdowns, TJ Maxx doesn’t break the bank while still providing a great selection of products.

I do not, however, like nor care to be called a “Maxxonista.”

the hampster Kia commercials

This is strange…because honestly this is the type of commercial that would drive me nuts because it’s so overplayed/contains annoying music (which is already overplayed on the radio). But I LOVE THE HAMSTERS. They are dancing like humans, but they are hamsters!! It’s hilarious!!! And they are so synchronized!! Why aren’t they performing for me right now?!?!

I actually had to look up what car the commercial was actually for when I wrote this, because all I care about is the hamsters. I don’t know if that speaks to my attention for detail or their lack of creative marketing. Either way, giggles ensue when this super lame commercial plays…I can’t help it.


I get to do this this weekend! I love wakeboarding, and I can’t wait to tear up some waves this weekend.

Fun story for you now: The last time I wakeboarded last summer, it attacked me. It hit me in the face with it’s sharp front edge, threw out some curse words, and threatened my first-born, which eventually resulted in 5 stitches and a scar.

Okay, that’s not really the right story line. Surprising, I know.

I was getting all cocky with the bumps outside of the wake, thinking I could skip right over them, and I ended up catching my board, falling OUT of the boots in front of the board, and as I emerged from underwater the board was still skidding along and went KERTHUNK when it hit my face. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until my little cousin from the boat yelled, “YOU’RE BLEEDING!” and everyone’s faces were horror struck.

Needless to say…I need to get back on that horse.

Here is proof:

Wakeboard accident or Dexter slice? If you got that reference then we must be friends. Hit me up.

Friday! Weekend! Opening Ceremonies!!!

I’ll be in Oregon this weekend playing with my family and BF—I can’t wait. I’ve been every summer since I was TWO and it’s my favorite place in the whole world to be. Let’s just hope my face survives this time.

Are you watching the opening ceremonies tonight? What are you doing this weekend? What are your favorite things? Am I alone in liking the hamster commercials? Do you have a race? A long run? A bar crawl? So many questions! Answer them all!

4 thoughts on “Wakeboarding Hamsters

  1. Lauren

    Your posts always make me laugh…love them! And I’m pretty sure that is totally a Dexter slice, better watch out! My weekend is filled with parties (kiddy ones and wedding ones). And yes you are lone in liking those hamster commercials, they drive me nuts!

  2. ricoleruns

    THE OLYMPICS THE OLYMPICS THE OLYMPICS! How I love thee, let me count the ways. They are how I get through the other years of my life, just waiting for the Olympics, ESPECIALLY THE SUMMER ONES!!!!! The Olympics are definitely a few of my favorite things… WHEN THE DOG STRIKES, WHEN THE BEES STINGS, WHEN I’M FEELING SAD….. okay, now I’m just a weirdo, better get back to work now. HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND!

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