Chicago Marathon Training Week #4

I’m currently laying on the couch, feet up, with two different ice bags around my ankles.

Normal aches and soreness aside, this was a great week of training—and I’m zonked. But, I thought I’d give a quick baby recap of last week’s running/training.

M: spin + lifting

T: 10.3 m run

W:6 m treadmill run, 1 m warm up, 4 m < 7:50, 1 m cool down + body pump

T: 8.4 m run

F: Rest

S: 6.5 m trail run

S: 16.3 m run @ 8:30 avg pace

Total: 47.5 miles.

This week was run heavy. This was the first time in a while I’ve run 3 days in a row and 5/7 days of the week. I felt pretty good each day, although by the end I was experiencing some tendinitis in both my ankles. This could have been from doing a trail run in my Pure Connects, followed by a 16 miler the next day. Or just basic mileage increase.

Either way, the time for proceeding with caution is upon us. Although these are normal aches for me, I want to be especially careful to tend immediately to them. Ounce of prevention=pound of cure. On that note, my IT band continues to feel great, and maybe this week I’ll get brave enough to ween myself off of the strap I’ve been using. It’s really become a security blanket at this point…so hopefully before too long I’ll be comfortable heading out without.

That’s all for now, but I’ll leave you with a photo from the weekend. More to come soon! This is perhaps the funniest real-life photobomb I’ve seen. If you know my Granddad(the bomber in the photo) you’ll agree…


Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week #4

  1. lbbroker

    Nice job on the training, but I have to say your accomplishments are eclipsed by the hilarity of the photo. Classic Grandad!


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