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Wakeboarding Hamsters

Remember how I talk about Favorite things on Fridays?

Yes, me too.

Let’s do it!

A random aside…I realized I go back and forth between calling this activity “Friday Favorites” and “Favorite Things.” What do you think? I realized AFTER I started doing this that Friday Favorites is a blogging world standard…but I kind of dig the tribute to Sound of Music in saying Favorite Things.

So what should it be? Standard Friday Favorites? Favorite Things for Fridays? Does anyone actually care?

Yea, me neither.

Here are things I like that I am going to tell you about. There, that’s simpler.

Thorlo Pad running socks





Never have my toes and feet been more happy than in these fluffy little socks. I was given a pair as a Christmas present (fyi…any present related to running will upgrade your RB status immediately), and since then I’ve added another pair to my collection, because I can’t wear any other socks now.

Yes, this means that my socks are re-worn more often and smell a bit more, but it’s worth it. I actually think these socks helped me get over some plantar faciitis that I was dealing with earlier this year.

Another aside, because apparently the theme of this post is making random side notes. I just realized my feet don’t actually smell bad post running. Weird, because just about everything else is nasty, but I’ve never actually had smelly feet. Now you know about which of my body parts smell when I run, so you’re welcome for that.

pb&j rice cakes

Nope, couldn’t take a picture of the whole thing. Too hungry.

There are few combinations I love more than peanut butter and jam. Strawberry jam, to be specific, however if need be raspberry works too…sometimes. With that said, sometimes I don’t want a whole sandwich, or…I am still digesting one from the night before.  Since it’s difficult to eat peanut butter and jelly without any kind of platform to put them on (a knife and a finger don’t work so well…) I have developed an alternative, which is…in my opinion…the best snack ever.

PB and J on a plain rice cake. It’s a little salty, a little sweet, and it’s the perfect amount for just a snack.

There have been weeks on end where I think I’ve had one of these when I got off work every single day, including right now, and I so look forward to this snacktime. And yes, I do have a snacktime much like many of us had when we got home from school. I’m an adult.

TJ Maxx

This place is the best. Okay, it’s not the best (Target gets that all-powerful title) but in the grand scheme of places to shop, TJ Maxx is up there. When you walk in, an endless amount of opportunities present themselves to you, and suddenly your budget and better reason is thrown out the window because…obviously you need new placemats, a new painting, and 27 new shirts.

However, thanks to a little thing called markdowns, TJ Maxx doesn’t break the bank while still providing a great selection of products.

I do not, however, like nor care to be called a “Maxxonista.”

the hampster Kia commercials

This is strange…because honestly this is the type of commercial that would drive me nuts because it’s so overplayed/contains annoying music (which is already overplayed on the radio). But I LOVE THE HAMSTERS. They are dancing like humans, but they are hamsters!! It’s hilarious!!! And they are so synchronized!! Why aren’t they performing for me right now?!?!

I actually had to look up what car the commercial was actually for when I wrote this, because all I care about is the hamsters. I don’t know if that speaks to my attention for detail or their lack of creative marketing. Either way, giggles ensue when this super lame commercial plays…I can’t help it.


I get to do this this weekend! I love wakeboarding, and I can’t wait to tear up some waves this weekend.

Fun story for you now: The last time I wakeboarded last summer, it attacked me. It hit me in the face with it’s sharp front edge, threw out some curse words, and threatened my first-born, which eventually resulted in 5 stitches and a scar.

Okay, that’s not really the right story line. Surprising, I know.

I was getting all cocky with the bumps outside of the wake, thinking I could skip right over them, and I ended up catching my board, falling OUT of the boots in front of the board, and as I emerged from underwater the board was still skidding along and went KERTHUNK when it hit my face. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until my little cousin from the boat yelled, “YOU’RE BLEEDING!” and everyone’s faces were horror struck.

Needless to say…I need to get back on that horse.

Here is proof:

Wakeboard accident or Dexter slice? If you got that reference then we must be friends. Hit me up.

Friday! Weekend! Opening Ceremonies!!!

I’ll be in Oregon this weekend playing with my family and BF—I can’t wait. I’ve been every summer since I was TWO and it’s my favorite place in the whole world to be. Let’s just hope my face survives this time.

Are you watching the opening ceremonies tonight? What are you doing this weekend? What are your favorite things? Am I alone in liking the hamster commercials? Do you have a race? A long run? A bar crawl? So many questions! Answer them all!

A Running and Zoo Filled Weekend

Happy Monday!

I have nothing very specific to talk about today, but I am pretty pumped about the random musings I do have to deliver. I know what you’re thinking…”Robyn, everything you have to say is exciting! I totally love hearing about your injury whining and cookie addiction on a daily basis.”

You guys, stop making me blush.

No, I know I’m not very original. BUT, happenings such as those that went on this past weekend (super interesting grammar right there) ARE in fact exciting to me, therefore you get to hear about them.

This weekend involved a lot of running… …but not by me.

Which was fine! Because it was still great, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I spent a raging Friday night curled up on my couch watching the trials and crying for cheering on Amy and Dathan. It is SO amazing to me that all these athletes train for YEARS for just ONE race that will determine their Olympic future. Many of those races, mind you, are UNDER ten seconds. TEN SECONDS! All of which hold the fate of their Olympic dreams.

Crazy…and I admire that kind of determination. It takes some kind of guts to know that all your hard work will either make or break it in such a short time frame.

Anyway, I geeked out hard over the trials, and it reminded me so much of my old track days. I was a sprinter in high school, however my main event was the 400m hurdles. We short folk have a disadvantage in the 100m hurdlers, therefore my coach forced me into the longer race, which should also be known as, “Hold in your puke while jumping over 10 barriers and sprinting at full speed.”

That race is a beast, and I still have nightmares about it. But, I still loved it, and I could so clearly remember the butterflies that came with sprint races while watching the trials.

Oh! And the whole Western States thing that was going on this weekend, which was also fun to follow. The nice thing about a 100 mile race? You can check on it, go about your day, do whatever you want, then that night you can check on it again and the runners are STILL GOING. Just another weekend, right guys?

Onto Saturday. I think everyone with a Twitter account/everyone within a 100 mile radius of Seattle knows that Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll was on Saturday at 0700. I wasn’t doing it, but a ton of Seattle area bloggers were…which obviously meant I was a)jealous and b)determined to involve myself somehow.

So, when I asked Nicole (who was running the full) where she would like the most cheerleader support, she responded asking if I would run the last 6 miles with her.

Um, best question ever?? YES! I was psyched…partly because it would lessen my sadness about not running the race, but mainly because I am ready to jump at any opportunity to help someone to the finish line after over 20 miles of running. After the kind lady in Tacoma helped carry my feverish butt to the end of the race, I not only felt indebted to the universe to help someone myself…but I also realized how moral support can really be a clutch after that many miles of running.

Sign me up RicoleRuns, I was pumped.

However, despite my ample pre-planning (course studying, timing allowance, etc.) I quickly realized there was no way I would be able to join her at mile 20. You see, mile 20 was one of the miles along i-90, so in order to get on the course I would have to park on the side of the highway, dodge traffic, run the wrong way against thousands of people running a marathon, and causally hang out until I hopefully spotted Nicole. AKA, not happening.

When you’re in a panic to get to a race course, you obviously should Tweet about it.

So, I rerouted, meandered around Seattle, and found the closest spot I could get to that was off of i-90, which ended up being just before mile 23. So I cheered, I chatted up some super fast chick who was rooting for runners as well, and just like clockwork there was Nicole…right on time target!

She said she felt terrible, but you wouldn’t have guessed it. She looked great, and I did my best to distract, encourage, and move her along those hilly last three miles without her punching me in the face for being too chatty/energetic. It was funny because I think some of the aid stations thought I was running the marathon too—humorous, because if they saw what I really look like at mile 23 of a marathon, they would realize how false their assumptions were.

Anyways, Nicole killed it. And despite the normal “I hate everything” feelings that come at the end of a marathon, she finished strong and I was so honored to have been a part of it. 3:57 for her, 3 of those miles I got to spend along for the ride. Good times. Read her race report here!

Run Nicole Run!

Thanks to Becky for snapping this shot!

And how does one get back to one’s car after running along a race course to the other side of town? Why, by running back of course! Fortunately for me (and thanks to the fine organizers of Seattle RNR) the course ran right alongside downtown Seattle, so I was able to weave my way back to my car no trouble. In fact, I got to see many RNR runners that had finished their races along the way…so I congratulated every last one all while on my own run. It might have been weird, but whatever…I dug it. Although I would have liked to have been running the race, I felt like I had actively participated as much as I could otherwise.

Sunday, after a two hour spin class (also see: sweat, sweat, and a very slippery floor), BF and I headed to brunch and then the zoo. I don’t care how old you are, the zoo is crazy amounts of fun—and thanks to the lovely weather yesterday, all the animals were out and about and strutting all their wild stuff. BF and I are both big animal lovers (him probably more so) therefore we are unable to leave even one display unseen.


The butt of a hippo.

Children, don’t you know I am trying to photograph the orangutan wearing a burlap sack as a cape WHILE drawing on the window in chalk for my blog/personal collection??? Rude.

More trials last night, more gawking at abs and quads, and all in all a very enjoyable weekend.

I’m getting my running groove back (please knock on your table/desk right now), I have some pretty sweet life changes happening, AND I have a sweet announcement for later this week. HINT: It involves running. Unpredictable, right?

Have yourself a lovely Monday friends…and because I enjoy hearing about people’s weekends/races: Did you run RNR? How did it go?! Any other neat weekend happenings? Did you want to do sit-ups after watching the women’s 10,000m too? Did you just go get fro-yo like me instead? What’s your favorite zoo animal?

Olympic Trials and Eugene Registration

Hello! Welcome to Tuesday, friends. Hopefully most of you had the day off yesterday and spent your time sleeping in and doing fun-day-off types of activities. For those of you in Seattle (or anywhere in the PNW for that matter), I hope you are staying safe and warm—snow has engulfed us!

It’s funny to see the snow juxtaposed with the ocean. Although I’ve lived in the area for over 5 years now, I still associate the coast with yearlong greenery and a general sense of Summer. The snow is reserved for winters in Colorado and the ski slopes.

Needless to say, when the two clash, I get somewhat thrown off.

West Seattle on Sunday at noon. Doesn't exactly look like a seaside neighborhood, eh?


Moving on. This weekend was full of running-related fun things. Saturday morning, BF and I tag-teamed a 10k race (each of us ran a 5k and our times were added together). The race was unbelievably cold, rainy, and windy—however we were both glad we did it and we’re planning on doing more in the future. For a full race recap, click here.

After the race, we visited Super Jock ‘n’ Jill, a running store near Greenlake in Seattle, where I officially registed for the Eugene Marathon!

I’m super excited, as this has been the race I’ve been hankering to do for my Spring Marathon. The course is supposed to be fantastic, the weather will be ideal, my grandparents will be able to come, Prefontaine’s legacy will be in the air…it will all around be an awesome experience.

After registering, BF bought a stellar new running top on sale, and we made our way back home where we watched the Olympic marathon trials. I watched both the men and the women from mile 16 or so to the end, and I was engrossed the whole time. I don’t know what’s so enthralling about watching people run, but I loved it.

Not a great picture, but this is BF in his hot new running top.

{Spoiler Alert}

I was really excited for all three of the females who qualified for the Olympics. I love Kara Goucher, and I was really happy for her to make the team after being injured and that whole having a baby thing. Also, Desi Davila is such a hard worker and after reading all about her in Runner’s World Mag this month, I was gunning for her to get a spot. The first place finisher, Shalane Flanagan, ran a 2:25:38 and—get this—it was her SECOND marathon. SECOND. As in, she qualified for the Olympic Trials in her first marathon, and then WON the Olympic trials in her second. Seriously ridiculous. Chick’s got some guts.

I have this Olympic athlete envy problem, big time. Honestly, if I could choose I would probably be a 7 ft. tall pro bball player, however I have always had a big admiration and affection for Olympic athletes. My dad worked for the Olympic Training Center for several years, and so I’m sure this is where it comes from. My biggest/loftiest/far featched dream is to be an Olympic runner, gymnast, or beach volleyball player. Or all three?

Seeing as I am neither a 5 foot, 19-year-old or a 6-foot-tall gazelle of a woman, I would say I have the best shot of the running dream. Okay, maybe I’ll just focus on going for a run later today instead. But I can dream people, ok?

Late in the day on Saturday, after finishing the trials and restlessly lazing around on the couch, I decided to go for a leisurely run. The sun had come out, the wind had marginally died down, and after watching some bad ass chicks knock out 5 minute miles like it was cake—a little neighborhood run seemed quite doable.

I covered 8.5 miles, rounding out my day for a total of 11.6. I loved the run—I felt energized, relaxed, and generally grateful to have a capable and working body. The sun set over Puget Sound as I passed by, and it was nothing short of glorious.

This was my first time doing two-a-day runs, and I was pretty pleased with how I felt overall. Because my first run (the 5k race) was done much quicker than my normal pace, I felt no pressure to do the second run especially fast or aggressive. I understand why more elite athletes and runners use the two-a-day runs as a way to cover a lot of mileage in one week. While I do enjoy showering and being done working out before 9am, I’m not opposed to using this strategy during this training season.

Which brings me to my most forefront thought of the day: marathon training.


I am wavering between being excited for completing 18, 20, and 22 milers every weekend and being completely freaked out and overwhelmed at all the dedication I am going to have to put forth. I am blessed to be wired, psychologically, to handle the strict nature of marathon training, however that’s more on a day-to-day basis. When I look at the schedule I’m slowly creating in its entirety, I get panicked about all the time and sacrifices necessary to get through it all.

One day at a time though. And it starts, oh, say tomorrow. I actually haven’t determined an official start date because I have a week or so of wiggle room until I officially need to acknowledge that “I’m training for a marathon.”

These are the things I do know, going into training season…

My mileage is higher now than when I started training before.

I need to do speedwork.

I will probably train above 26 miles.

I will do everything I possibly can to not get hurt.

Based on those 4 truths, I will have a bonafied, set-in-stone training schedule hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday. It will probably be a conglomeration of the last program I followed, the programs of fellow marathoner bloggers, and my own crazy ambitions. Stay tuned peeps.

Question: Are you thinking about a Spring race? How are you deciding which type of training schedule to follow?