Nuun HTC Relay Team Application

Hello Run Birdie Run readers!

So, I’m really excited to share with you my hugely successful 20 miler done this past weekend on the marathon course, as well as some splendidly sugar-filled Easter highlights. However that is going to have to wait until tomorrow…

Today, I so excited to present you with my video application for the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team! Nuun is putting together THREE teams of TWELVE women, all bloggers, to compete in the exclusive and infamous Hood to Coast relay race that takes place in August. To apply, you needed to submit footage (picture, video, etc.) of yourself so they can get to know you better and learn why you’d be a great addition to the team.

I am SO excited at the thought of this opportunity. Running 200 miles, relay style, while using a van as a caravan sounds like my definition of fun—smelly clothes, war paint, and all—and I know I would been so incredibly amped and enthusiastic the whole time. Sleep, even in every day life, isn’t really necessary for my ability to function, therefore the minimal sleep and maximum running and energy needed is the least of my worries.

Also, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Nuun is one of my new favorite running friends. It doesn’t upset my stomach like every other fueling source in the world does, and it gets me all bubbly and happy inside. The fact that Nuun wants to support female bloggers is so admirable to me, and I would be so excited to represent them in Hood to Coast.

So, with that said, below is my video. I have two things to admit: The first, I am completely technology deficient. There are a lot of spectacular videos out there that other bloggers have made, and while I wish I could have hired someone to help with the application process, I had to work with what I had…so bear with me.The second thing I need to admit is that yes, today is the final day to apply, and no…I actually didn’t procrastinate submitting this. Sure, I wanted to fine tune the details…but the real reason I waited until today was because it’s the 9th and 9 has been my lucky number since Mia Hamm wore it for the U.S. Women’s soccer team. So obviously I wanted to get the universe on my side 🙂

You can also help me with this endeavor! If you feel so inclined, in the comments section below this post write why you think I should be on the team…even if it’s only, “She can survive solely on peanut butter alone,” or, “She already goes a day…or more…without showering.” It’s not necessary, but it would be much appreciated!

Pick me, Nuun! I promise to be the perfect symbiosis of cheerleader and runner. Also, I make some mean chocolate cookies, and I do van art like it’s my job.

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