Running into 2012

I have run 34 miles so far in 2012—pretty good considering it’s the 5th and two of those runs were done at 6,000 feet in the mountains. I’m sure you’re sick of my complaining by now, so FINE…I’ll quit my whining about altitude.

Contrarily, I’d actually like to commend altitude in this post—as it not only aided in intensifying my training, but it made my 12 miler today exceptionally fast.

I like to call tonight’s run “Moonlight Runata.” No, it did not include the brilliance of Beethoven on my iPod (thought I must download soon!), but it was illuminated by a bright moon shining in the clear(!) Seattle sky. I started around sunset, and by the time I was done the stars were out and night had taken over. I finished the 12.14 total miles in 96 minutes, which averages to just under 8 minute miles. I am psyched, for sure, however it was pretty difficult and reminded me that if I ever want to BQ, I’ll have to continue that pace for oh just another 14 miles.

Why Boston, WHY???

Anyway, I thought I’d include in this post my New Year’s Day run, because it was definitely memorable and I am hopeful it represented how the rest of my year will play out.

Obviously I wasn’t feeling awesome when I woke up New Year’s Day. That was a given. However, I knew I wanted to run, and despite the warmth of the bed and the pain in my skull reminding me why whiskey should not follow beer, I headed out.

In a nutshell, it sucked. I felt like hell, and despite the beautiful Colorado sunshine and sparkling snow covering the ground, I frankly did not give a damn—I just wanted it to be over.

My subconscious, however, that knew I wanted to run (and in fact needed to run) somehow trumped my miserable “please-oh-please-make-this-stop” mentality. It was as if my body knew that starting my year in its true form—as a runner—was more important than temporary pain.

{Side note: I really wasn’t hungover, 3 drinks doesn’t give you a hangover, just a dehydrated headache and desire for bagels instead of miles.}

As I continued along, I decided I wasn’t going to die and thought, “You’ve made it this far—how about start the New Year with a half marathon?” And so, my runner-self took over my wahh-poor-me self and decided to give 2012 a 13 mile “WHAT UP.”

I never really felt fantastic during this run; in fact, I can’t really remember the last time I felt so poorly during a long run. However, despite my sour mindset, I ended the run feeling accomplished and psyched with the fact that I started 2012 in a way I love.

To finish off New Year’s Day, as mentioned in my pre-New Year’s post, I went to see the Lakers play the Nuggets with my dad in Denver. My Dad has been a Lakers fan his whole life, and consequentially I am a huge fan as well. (Yea yea yea, be a hater…I’ll defend to the death.) It was my first actual game, and the fact that I got to go with my Dad—AND it was against the Nuggets—made the whole experience awesome.

Blue Moon, rooting for Kobe, and hanging with Dad. Excellent New Year's Day.

And yea… whatever the might have maybe not won—doesn’t really matter. I guess.

So, with a 13.1 start, a 9 mile hilly beast, and a speedy 12 miler along my favorite peninsula, 2012 has been a great year for running—and here’s to hoping that the rest of this year is filled with many running highlights.

Question: Do you have any running goals for this year?

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