Fat Feet and Friday Favorites

First off, holy alliteration. Please don’t hate me yet…I’m really not that nerdy.

Wait, yes I am.

So, the bad news is that my feet have started a revolution against me.

The good news is that I officially figured out why. For the past month or so, I’ve been getting some tendonitisy feelings after my longer runs in both my feet. It’s a new feeling, and I’ve been trying to figure out which abnormal factors have been contributing to these aches. Well this morning I realized why, and frankly I feel a bit foolish.

When I replaced my old pair of Asics with the “exact same pair” at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, I failed to checked the width of the shoes. Turns out, they are actually the opposite of what I need—narrow as opposed to wide. You see, I have Fred Flintstone feet, and therefore I always need the widest running shoes possible. It takes me a while to find shoes that work, and so when I do manage to nail down a certain pair—I stick with them as long as they’re on the market.

So, despite the fact that I’ve been wearing these skinny shoes for oh about a month, I’m still going to try an exchange them. Stay tuned for results.

Don’t worry feet, you’ll soon be relieved of your narrow-footed prisons.

Moving on…

This week’s Friday Favorites!

1) Push Ups

Cute picture of the day.

So I realize this is a very simplistic exercise, however I have rediscovered my love for the basic push-up. I’ve been trying to do at least 20 a day, which I know isn’t a ton, but I really feel that there are tangible benefits to doing frequent push ups. Push ups work your chest, arms, back, and even core—making them an incredibly effective exercise. My personal favorite thing about push ups is that you can do them no matter where you are, so even if I’m away from weights or lifting machines, I can still get a decent strength workout by doing some of these babies.

If you are new to push ups, I highly recommend starting up a regular routine of doing them. Start slow, and focus on good form—meaning keep your butt down and bend your arms to a 90 degree angle. If you need to start on your knees, that’s totally allowed, and I think you’ll find that after just a little practice you’ll be a push-up pro.

2) NBA Basketball

Back in action, baby!

So I will be the first person to slap the hands (or faces) of all the NBA owners and players whose greed for way more money than any of them deserve delayed the start of the NBA season.

However, despite all the ridiculousness of the debates that took place, I am PSYCHED that the season has officially started. Basketball is definitely my favorite sport to both watch and play, and I can be entertained by pretty much NBA game on—whether it’s a team I love (Lakers, Nugs, etc.) or a team I loath (CELTICS). Thanks for getting over yourselves guys—this fan sure appreciates seeing your tall sweaty selves ballin’ again.

{This is a good place to let you know that if I were to be reborn, I would prefer to be a 6’9 black man with the arms of Dwight Howard, the shot precision of Dirk, and the athleticism of Lebron.}

It could happen people.

3) Athleta Spin Shorts

SO, I just got these for Christmas…and I’m in love. Despite the fact that I’m somewhat of a frequent spinner, I have never actually worn padded bike shorts during class. Because I don’t own any. I know it seems silly, and yes my butt almost always starts to hurt, but somehow I never got around to investing in a pair for myself.

In comes Christmas (Thanks Dad and Megan!), and I now have a cushioned tush during my spin classes. I also look more legit than when I wear running shorts and running shoes, which obviously isn’t actually important, but…it kinda is.

4) Lindt Truffles

The blue are the best, there is no discussion on the matter.


5) Long Socks

awkward photo inside the locker room

I’ve realized that during the winter months, and pretty much every time the weather dips below 50 degrees, socks are hands down my favorite article of clothing. Sometimes I wear two pairs, and there may have been that one time when I wore wool socks with high heels.

Warm feet=happy Robyn

My sister introduced me to the advantages of long socks, namely the fact that while wearing boots you have an extra layer of warmth insulating your legs.

I’m a fan, and I think you should be too.

There you have it. Five more favorite things for Friday, and I feel peppier than I did when I started this post. That’s because favorite things make me happy, and also I know there are many episodes of Dexter and a beer in the near future. Fridays are awesome, and I hope yours is going great. Have a wonderful weekend!

Question: Please tell me what some of YOUR favorite things are, either for this week or for all time 🙂



3 thoughts on “Fat Feet and Friday Favorites

  1. Alayna

    For the record, you should have no problem returning those shoes. My sister works at Nordstrom, and she processed a return from 2001 the other day! Their return policy is just about the most liberal you will find; basically, as long as you bought it at some Nordstrom at some point in time, they will give you cash (or however you paid for it) back. 🙂


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