Philadelphia Marathon Training Week #4

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been marathon training for four weeks. Probably mostly because I haven’t been following an exact schedule, per say. I’ve mostly just been trying to run a lot, within reason, and get in some quality workouts when I can.My main priority whenever I’m marathon training has always been the long run, so that has been something I’m diligently doing, but otherwise things are a little loosey goosey. Which is fine, but I realized this week if I want to accomplish the big goals I’m hoping for, I need to buckle down and start doing more of the extra steps other than just logging miles. Primarily more lifting, more stretching, and more annoying-yet-necessary stabilization/injury prevention exercises. My occasional clam-shells while watching Jeopardy and one-minute planks after runs aren’t going to cut it on their own anymore. I don’t want to look back on this training cycle and say, “I should have done more of…”

I’m in control right now, and I want to do everything I can to set myself up for success.

That said, here’s how last week looked (which is now almost two weeks ago…). It was a little weird since I was running my long run, a half marathon, on Labor Day – therefore I’m including this past Monday in this week’s recap. A little confusing, but it’s how I strategized my week.

M: Rest

T: 8 miles

W: November Project workout, 8 miles total


This November Project workout is done once a month, and it’s a butt-kicker. I realized ahead of time that by doing it, I was going to be slightly sabotaging my half-marathon, but that was part of the idea. I wanted to run the half on tired legs, and doing this workout would help do just that. I’ve done this workout now 5 times, and while it’s gotten a little easier every time – it’s still an awesome benchmark workout.

T: 9 miles

F: November Project workout (5 miles total) in the AM, 3 easy miles after work

We did the ice-bucket challenge in a fountain post-workout.

We did the ice-bucket challenge in a fountain post-workout.

S: ~2 mile swim

S: 6 mile hike in the mountains, continuing the theme of sabotaging the half…oh well

M: America the Beautiful 1/2 Marathon + 2 miles 

Race recap to come, but essentially this race was about what I could have hoped for. My legs were definitely tired going into it, but it was a solid and smooth effort, and I was happy with my pace consistency. I finished in just over 1:46 and 8th female overall.

Total: 46 miles

I was toasted in a good way after this week. It was a decent variety of things with the swimming, hiking, NP, and running. While I’d love to still be able to run an “easy” 1:40 half, it felt good to continue to push those times down closer to where they used to be. I’m running two more halfs during Philly training, and I’m looking forward to using them as long-run workouts. 

Otherwise, I’m hoping to log more workouts and “extras” in the upcoming weeks. Consider that an invitation to call me out if you keep seeing a lack of strength training in these recaps 🙂 There’s also some yoga Groupons floating around, so maybe I’ll actually get back into that habit one of these days.

Generally, I’m happy to be marathon training, happy it’s almost fall, and happy to be (slowly) making progress. I’m trying to take a lot of ownership over my training this time around in terms of not making excuses, but also in terms of staying intrinsically motivated. If I want it, I’m the one that needs to go out and do it, and there’s something really empowering about feeling so in control. I haven’t felt this way in a while, and it’s good to be back.


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