The Perfect Moment

Not many people know this, but Adam (BF) and I have known each other since we were 14 years old and freshman in high school. Over the next 4 years, a special bond was formed; a bond that was built on trust, laughter, support, and a genuine understanding of the other person. We were the very best of friends and saw each other through all the highs and lows that come with a high school experience. I can so clearly remember, on the eve of my first real heartbreak,  how Adam showed up immediately at my doorstep to comfort me.

While the relationship stayed strictly platonic during those years (yes, really), things took a turn later on and we found ourselves changing the relationship status from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. It was a fast, infatuated, passionate relationship that followed us through through junior year of college. When I went to study abroad in the spring of that year, we decided to take a break and let each other be free for a while. Hard as it was, it was the easily the best decision we could have made for our relationship. 

Things were rekindled  just before graduating college, and we knew that it was a real-deal commitment. This was in 2010, and over these past 4 years, I’ve fallen more in love with my best friend than I ever could have imagined. It sounds so cliche, but it’s the truth. Our relationship has grown into something that I treasure so dearly, and building a life with him has been one of my greatest joys.

Seattle was and will always be the place that fostered this beautiful life together, and as most of you know by now…we recently decided to transition that life to Denver, CO.

After all our packing was done and all the goodbyes had been said, I only had one final thing to do in the Pacific Northwest: a cathartic, send-off run on the water.

The timing was actually quite perfect. We were set to leave last Friday morning, and since I’m currently training for the Boston Marathon, Adam suggested I do my prescribed 20 mile run before we left. It would get the run out of the way of our travels but also give me a way to say goodbye to Seattle in my truest form. Even better, Adam – a runner himself – wanted to join me for the last 5 miles.

I have a strange fondness for the 20-milers of marathon training. My first 20 mile run before my first marathon was one of my proudest running moments at the time, and ever since these beastly training runs hold a special place in my crazy-runner heart. So, it should come as no surprise that doing this run the morning we were leaving was really symbolic to me.

As expected, the run went by pretty quickly, as I was soaking in all the final memories of the running route I’ve taken so many times. Mental snapshots of the Sound and the city distracted me from the fatigue of such a long run, and I tried my best to appreciate every minute. I was looking forward the whole time, as well, to meeting up with Adam and sharing those final miles together.

Right on schedule, there he was around mile 15 waiting on Alki Beach. I was giddy with endorphins and excited to finish up and start our journey across the country. We started running, and after a few minutes he pulled over on the sand and said he wanted to take a picture of the water. Of course, right? Our last run should be documented! At least, those were my thoughts. I’m guessing you’re catching on faster than I did at that point though…

As we stood there, him not really moving and me a little confused, he turned to me and within saying just a few words…I knew exactly what was happening.

I’m keeping the actual speech private, but in the most serendipitous and appropriate moment, my best friend in the world and the ultimate love of my life asked me to marry him.

Between the tears and excitement and the sheer joy, I couldn’t believe just how right it felt. The timing, the setting, the running; all of it so very representative of our relationship and the transitional time of our lives. It was beautifully poetic, simple, and perfect.

I cannot wait to be married to Adam, and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal and start to our new lives together in a new city. And let’s just say that the 24 hour road trip was made infinitely easier with such fun news to share with all our family and friends.

This new chapter feels so fresh and exciting, and while it is a little scary, I have the absolute best partner to share it with.


He did get that picture after all 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Perfect Moment

  1. Lauren

    OHH!! Perfect story!! And the fact that you look fabulous after running 20 miles to boot makes this all the more perfect :). So happy for you and Adam, we will celebrate while struck in a van together in July!!

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