Running Slow and Running Fast

Hey peeps.

So, obviously I haven’t been blogging too much recently—not because I’m especially busy, but  because I don’t feel like I have much of interest to talk about.

Quality > quantity, that’s my kind of mantra.

Not that most of what I write is especially “quality” to begin with…but I basically don’t want to fill the internet with more pointless jargon.

Moving on. I have been having some good fun running-wise these past few weeks of the new year, namely because I’ve been doing new workouts and I’ve had a running buddy more often!

I’ve finally convinced BF to hit the roads with me every once in a while and I LOVE it. I always thought I preferred solo running…but there’s something extra fun about having a companion. It feels like killing two birds with one stone…exercise + catch-up time.

Although we don’t necessarily have much to catch up on…considering the whole “living together” thing, but that’s besides the point.

Doing my favorite thing with my favorite person makes me one giddy-happy camper. The other day, he even texted me, “How far are we running tomorrow?”


The other good thing about this arrangement is that my pace is much closer to where I should be running my easier runs. I have the very non-textbook habit of running all my runs at race pace, and then doing one speed-session per week. NOT GOOD. BF’s pace is right where my comfortable/recovery pace should be…and I’ve felt much better because of it.

On the other end of the speed spectrum, I’ve started trying to do more regimented speed work—other than simply “run faster than normal for a few miles.”

In fact, the other day I did 800s for the first time EVER. Really, ever. Well, except for high school track…but nothing really counts from high school. Including my awkwardness.

Albeit, the 800s were on a treadmill (too slick outside), but I think keeping myself exactly on-pace with a simulated belt was actually better as a “beginner.”

Here’s how the workout went down:

1 mile warm-up

4 x 800 @8.5 mph ~3:30 

w/ 800 @ 7.3 in between ~4:07

1 mile cool down

Success! This felt good…they got harder toward the end, but I felt like I could have pulled off one or two more without too much difficulty. I liked this a lot also because it made the whole treadmill experience much more entertaining…the blaring Macklemore Pandora station helped too.

I think I’ll add one more 800 next time I do it…and so on. I’m trying to get used to this whole “planned workout pace” thing because the program I’ll be following for Eugene training is fairly regimented. I like that this will be a whole different approach for me…and I especially like that the short/fast and slow runs are becoming more appealing .

For so long, I was all about medium-long runs at the same speed…all the time. I’m digging the variety nowadays, and I’m realizing that the slower runs are really enabling the faster ones to be more constructive and more comfortable.

So there’s your update. I love running slow, and I love running fast. The two pair together quite nicely. I’m in the final stages of base-building right now before starting my actual training program on February 4th. The week before I start, I’m thinking I’ll be doing little to no running AT ALL, just to rest up, get psyched, and alleviate any soreness before the real work begins.

I can’t wait.

That’s all I’ve got! But here are some questions…

Do you prefer outdoors or the treadmill in the winter?

Outdoors, always. Unless there’s ice/monsoon rain.

Do you like slow long runs or fast short runs more?

Do you prefer running alone or with someone else?

7 thoughts on “Running Slow and Running Fast

  1. laurenefries

    Ooooh are those Yasso 800s I see??? Perhaps that is a goal time for 26.2? I did Yassos for TCM & they predicted my time perfectly. Just sayin’.

    1. runbirdierun Post author

      A variation of Yassos 🙂 I think you’re supposed to jog the same amount of time as your 800s though? That’s awesome! I think it makes sense…did you go all the way up to 10? DO THEM WITH ME!! 🙂

      1. laurenefries

        I did go all the way up to 10! I only jog a 400 in between though. Because 10×800, with a decent warm up & cool down, is almost a 10-mile workout! I could not go much longer than that during the week, with speedwork, without getting fatigued.

        They are the best. Bart Yasso is the best. If you haven’t read his book you should totally do it.

  2. Nicola

    Do you prefer outdoors or the treadmill in the winter?
    Outside! Even when I’m numb from the cold

    Do you like slow long runs or fast short runs more?
    Slow, long runs…but I’m just starting out and working on actually running for long periods rather than speed

    Do you prefer running alone or with someone else?
    Alone for now!

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