My (Theoretical) Last Day on Earth

In case the Mayan prophets or mainstream media haven’t told you yet, the world is supposed to end today.

Actually, I’m not sure if the world was supposed to end last night at midnight, during the day today, or tonight at midnight…they weren’t super clear on the specifics. But, we’ve all been told for many a year that 12/21/12 would be the end all.

Now, I don’t believe in prophecies or apocalypses or anything of that sort (except perhaps of the zombie variety…that shit’s real). Even NASA said we’re in the clear. But, this whole theory has got me thinking about what I would be doing if it were my last day on Earth.


Naturally, all kinds of fantastical ideas came about. Some involved Disneyland, some involved flying to Prague, and some involved going back in time to summer and transporting to my family’s lake house. They were all quite end-of-the-world worthy.

They also involved excessive amounts of brie.

I intended, then, to write a post about what my more “realistic” last day on Earth would look like. I even started a fairly detailed timeline, with some flailing attempts at humor and everything.

But then, as my “day” started progressing and I tried to come up with all the elaborate things I would do with a final 24 hours (sky diving! hang gliding! robbery!) I realized there were really only three things I wanted to do:

1) Be with my family and friends

2) Run long

3) Eat yummy food

I tried so hard to come up with all the incredible opportunities available on the last day ever. It seemed like there would be so many important discussions to have, misdeeds to undo, and ambitions to take on. But really, when it came down to it, all I really wanted to do were the same things I want to do most every day.

Maybe that makes me wildly boring (probably the case), or maybe it means I lack preparedness whenever the end should come. But I prefer to think it means that I take a good deal of enjoyment out of the simple things in life.

There is nothing more appealing to me than an obscenely long run, followed by an obscenely delicious meal, followed by time spent with the people I love. Perhaps it’s why my weekend plans are always the same, or why I prefer staying in to going out 90% of the time.

And that really doesn’t change if the world is ending or not.

Sure, I do want to sky dive at some point. And duh, I want to go back to Prague and see the rest of the world at some point as well. There are many adventures high on my bucket list. But when it comes down to it, these aren’t the most important things. These aren’t the things that I would turn to if I knew that there would be no tomorrow.

I’d probably spend a good amount of time expressing gratitude for certain people and the impact that they’ve made (which is something, admittedly, I don’t ordinarily do enough), but other than a few circumstantial tweaks, the way I would live my last day on Earth isn’t too different from how I would live a good day, any day.

The fact that I immediately decided running would somehow need to be included in the day was both very not surprising  and somewhat comforting. The realization confirmed for me that running for me is about more than just races and being in shape; that it’s a part of me regardless of those extraneous factors, so much so that I don’t necessarily feel complete without it.

So call me lame, introverted, whatever. I, for one, love envisioning my final day on Earth as somewhat reminiscent of the best days I’ve already had.

And I suppose I’d probably wear a ball gown the whole day too, just for the occasion.

But what I really want to know is…

How would YOU spend your final day?

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