Tangent Tuesday


While this is a running blog, and the majority of what I blubber on about is primarily about running, there are other miscellaneous things in my life that I like to share. The problem is they never really fit in anywhere—which is why I’m bringing you Tanget Tuesday: A random collection of the tid-bits going on in my life.

We now have a pet.

Here’s lookin’ at you, fish.

Meet Gregory. Now, he may just look like an ordinary $3.00 beta, and in many ways he is—but the way BF and I act around this guy, you would think he was a million dollar fish who spoke and pooped out money.

We LOVE Gregory. Unfortunately we can’t get a dog or a cat right now, which is a big bummer because we’re both crazy animal people (see paragraph above). So, essentially we’re channelling all our pet-fawning energy onto Greg the fish.


I met a celebrity.

Some of you may not recognize this handsome man—but let me tell you, any 7th Heaven fan would dream of this situation. He’s George Stultz, and he played Kevin Kinkirk who was married to Lucy(Beverly Mitchell). He was at my mom’s Film Festival this past weekend, and I tried as hard as I could to act cool while still getting a picture with him. Spoiler alert for anyone who ever attempts this with famous people: it DOESN’T work. He saw right through it.


BF and I are going on a real vacation.

I am so stupid excited about this I can barely contain myself. When I hit “purchase” and our tickets were officially booked, I yelped a lot and immediately started Google imagining photos of Maui. The trip isn’t until March, but I love having something to look forward to. We’ve never gone on a vacation together just for the sake of going on a vacation, so this will be a treat. Now to get bikini that isn’t 5 years old. And abs.

PS: My flight was only $15 less than the flight I booked for Thanksgiving in California. Non-peak season rates FTW.


I ran this morning, and it sucked.

This photo is a LIE. I was not smiling at all this morning. And in fact, it’s legitimately a lie because this photo was from a different run. But it’s relevant because I am sweaty in it and I was sweaty this morning. Booyah.

Yes— this tangent is about running, but it’s a tangent that admits that not all running is a happy dance. I went out with the intention of running at least 5 miles with a sub-8:00 pace and to knock out some hills afterward.

In the end, I think I had maybe 3 sub-8:00 miles, and they felt like sub-7:00 miles. Oh, and they were mostly DOWNHILL. I only did one of the two massive hills I had planned on and called it a day a mile short of what I was aiming for.

Frankly, I felt like crap, and no matter how much I willed my legs to turn faster—they just didn’t want to. Which obviously is discouraging, because a 7:50ish pace has been getting easier and easier for me recently. But, the reality is—not every run is awesome, and in fact it’s the shitty ones that make the awesome ones even better. Djd I mention how pumped I am to continue these types of runs during the Robyn Gets Faster Fest of 2012? Bleh.

No pain no gain though…I’m realizing this whole “speed” thing is going to take some time.

That’s all for now! Perhaps I’ll pop in more often for tangent posts—personally I think they’re always sometimes  more fun to read than the picture-less humdrum I tend to post (ahem, yesterday’s post).

Happy Tuesday!

Now, tell me something random about you and YOUR life!

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