Halloween Weekend

Where did I go last week?

Truthfully, no where. I just had nothing to talk about, so I didn’t try and force it.

Today, I still don’t have much to talk about, but I thought I’d drop in with some weekend/running updates for the 3 of you out there who are interested 🙂

Nope, still not carved.

I love Halloween, and after somehow NOT dressing up last year, I was determined to make up for it this year. The problem, however, when you aren’t a child and aren’t in college, is that Halloween festivities are harder to come by—and unless you have no shame in wearing a costume around town/to work…it gets hard to find an excuse to dress up.

Luckily, we found ourselves a party this year so it was game on.

After much deliberation, this is what my “I refuse to spend a lot of money on a costume” mind came up with:

I thought it was kind of clever.

BF went with a shout-out to local artwork for his costume:


If you still can’t tell what he is, don’t worry—we all agreed he could pull off “criminal” if need be. He was actually dressed as the hammering man statue outside of the Seattle Art Museum. He bought a mallet to carry and everything.

Now, all we need is to carve our massive pumpkins and see some trick-or-treaters for the holiday to be complete. That is, of course, if our bowl on candy lasts that long…and given  the fact that BF is working from home today, I’m a little doubtful.

I was all jazzed up this weekend to get in a long run of sorts. I did 14 last week and was hoping for 15-16 yesterday. However, with a 10 am brunch time and a 1 am bedtime the night before (see: Halloween party above), that many miles + showering +transit wasn’t going to happen all at once.

Instead, I got crazy and did a double run day. I’ve only done that once or twice before, as I prefer to get it all done at once—but I do like the concept of bookending a day with running.

And it was glorious! I was able to do 10 in the morning before brunch, 5 of which were sub 8, and 3 of those were sub 7:40. I didn’t really plan on that, but since my legs were feeling it I figured why not?

It was the kind of workout I needed after feeling a little slower than usual this past week, and I’m getting amped for some more runs which emphasize speed.

The second run of the day consisted of 6 miles, watchless, with a little bit of rain—but it felt great. Not too slow, not too fast—really just all by feel. My legs could feel the run from the morning, but I finished feeling strong and happy for completing the miles.

BF managed to read my “I really don’t want to make dinner tonight” brain, and after I got home he walked in with Chipotle and Blue Moon, a Sunday night meal fit for a queen(?). I think I’ll keep him.

The night rounded out with a Broncos win, a Giants win (in case you hadn’t heard about that one :)), and some foam rolling.

I love marathon training, but I am also loving the freedom to run with more flexibility. It feels so good to be running 100% pain free, and I’m going to be doing everything I can to maintain that throughout these winter months.

That’s all. Unoriginality on the weekends is really my specialty, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you like Halloween? Did you dress up? Did you buy candy primarily for yourself and not for small children?

5 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend

  1. sweetmaddy

    I too did not dress up last year since French people aren’t super into Halloween, and decided that this year would be different. I’m going out tomorrow dressed as a reindeer, and I am so excited!!! 🙂

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