3 Scared Things and Training Updates

There were three things scared during yesterday’s run…

1) An innocent bystander

This was weird…because due to my incessant huffing and puffing and plodding of my feet, people normally have no problem knowing that I’m coming up behind them. The lady I scared must have been stoned distracted though, because as I slinked by she jumped a little screaming, “You scared the hell out of me!” It was friendly in nature though, and I smiled and apologized while wondering if she was wearing earplugs.

2) A black cat

I saw a little kitty up ahead of me as I was cruising downhill, and naturally I thought—oh, cats have superb senses and often freak out over insignificant sounds, surely this guy knows I’m coming.

Wrong again.

Just as I got right behind the kitty, he turned around in a panic—hissing and obviously very startled. He went into full on defense mode. I don’t know which was worse…his startled response or my yelp of fear. Flashes of a cat attack swept through my brain, and I made sure to traverse far around him while keeping an eye over my shoulder.

If I start having bad luck, I’m gonna know that the black cat curse thing is true.

3) Myself

After detailing bitching about how much I hate the afternoons and how working out in the afternoon is not for me, once again I found myself lacing up post-work. When I woke up yesterday morning, I decided that 2 extra hours of sleep was needed. The lull in the afternoon became inferior to some extra zzzs, and although I wasn’t jazzed about the change of plan, I was happy for some more sleep.

I actually felt better during yesterday’s afternoon run than last week’s , but my calves never really loosened up. I don’t know if it’s from sitting all day or what, but when I run in the afternoon my legs are always slower to warm than in the AM.


A brief “mid” week update on Chicago training…

Today marks 5 days in a row of running for me. I know some of you are very used to this routine, but for me—I actually don’t know if it’s happened before. I try to fit in cross-training as much as possible simply because I feel like it wards off injury, but with the mileage I’m trying to get in these next two weeks—spin and swim just aren’t going to happen.

I’ve already logged 36 miles since Monday—which, for me, is a ton. Today’s 10 miler, quite frankly, kind of sucked. I didn’t wear a watch (thankfully) but I’m fairly certain that my speed was deteriorating the entire time. This run was what you would call “junk miles”: miles done simply to add onto overall weekly mileage, without much agenda for speed, tempo, etc. I was glad I did it, but man—this sport can take a toll.

Luckily, I’ve got a sports massage scheduled for tonight—which is ideal timing with my legs being extra tired and me having a rest day tomorrow. Another 20 miler is on tap for the weekend, and although I’m predicting some unhappiness during the actual massage—ultimately I’m hoping it helps me work through my stiffness.

As for overall physical status, I’m doing pretty good. I’m definitely feeling the wear and tear of peak week training—but my legs feel pretty healthy relatively speaking. I’ve got a nagging tendonitis/shin splint thing in my left ankle, but otherwise no real issues of concern. Vitamin I(buprofen) and ice, you guys are the best.

I feel a bit like I’m walking on eggshells because I know high mileage and injury susceptibility go hand-in-hand, but so far—so good. If I can survive this weekend, and if I can survive final peak week next week, I’m going to be feeling pretty great going into taper time for Chicago.


Those are my updates for today, and now I want to know from you…

Do you call out to people when you’re passing them from behind?

How many days in a row do you normally run?

What’s your highest weekly mileage?

Have you ever had a sports massage?

3 thoughts on “3 Scared Things and Training Updates

  1. laurenefries

    Why do you need to run junk miles? If your ankle/shin is bugging you, I would back off! It seems like chasing a mileage just for the sake of the # is dangerous. Be safe 🙂 we all want to see you kick ass, not get hurt!

    Oh and maybe it’s the cyclist in me, but I always call out when passing. I hate it when cyclists don’t do it (HATE) but it’s not the end of the world when runners don’t.

  2. runbirdierun Post author

    I agree! I suppose “junk miles” was the wrong term to use. I’m not in pain, I’m just not skipping merrily along I suppose you could say 🙂 I’m taking the laziest day possible today…it’s heaven.

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