Seattle Blogger Meet-Up Info

Today, I had the great opportunity to meet up with fellow Seattle area runners/bloggers for a lunch get-together in West Seattle! It was great to meet everyone, and I can’t wait until it can happen again. Although a lot of us already have each other’s blog information…here’s everyone’s names and respective blogs. Follow and Tweet away! Also, a BIG thanks to Run Pretty Far for sending some shweet shwag as well! Colorful arm sleeves and headbands galore!

Great to meet all you ladies, happy running, and I’m excited to see you all again!





Allison- no blog…yet 🙂 Twitter handle: allison.raines



Robyn-…I did know if you wanted your name posted 🙂


3 thoughts on “Seattle Blogger Meet-Up Info

  1. Emily

    I’m so happy I met you!!! You are on my google reader!! And congrats on the marathon!!! And there WILL be another one!!!

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