24 Facts for 24 Years

Welcome to May! I adore this month, and I adore this day, and not just because it’s my birthday—which it happens to be 🙂

May means celebrations, the perfect combination of spring and summer, and a general joie de vie in the air. I feel fortunate to have May Day as my birthday,  and I am confident that this transition from 23 to 24 is going to be a good one.

Birthday festivities from Saturday night

24 feels like a really high number, and I keep thinking I’m turning 23 instead. I’m not too afraid of “getting older” as so many people are, however this age makes me realize how long ago certain things (high school, college, my 21st birthday) actually were. I really feel like I was just turning 21…and admittedly I still get a little anxious when someone checks my ID. Weird, because I never even had a fake ID. My mother did, but I didn’t. Busted Ma.

Anyways, in honor of my 24th year of life, I’ve decided to share with you 24 random things about me—most of which I don’t think most people know. Some will be very understandable, some may make you cock your head to the side, questioning why you’re spending time reading the blog of a mega weirdo, but either way….enjoy:

1) I am absolutely petrified of sharks and any deep water that could contain a shark. I think sharks are just about the most horrifying things on earth, and even in the deep end of swimming pools I get nervous about being dragged under by a huge great white. I’m not kidding, and I personally believe that the world we be a much more pleasant place without these dinosaur-era creatures lurking in our oceans.

2) I danced in college. Not all that well, mind you. However, for three out of four years of school I participated in our school’s Repertory Dance Group doing lyrical, musical theater, modern, and hip hop. I loved it, and a big part of me wishes I had danced longer in life.

A High School Musical dance montage. I was Gabriella, which obviously involves being spun high in the air to "Breaking Free."

3) I always prefer blueberry-flavored things. Bagels (you may know this), muffins, scones, Luna Bars…if it’s blueberry, I’m on board. I don’t know where this comes from, but I’ve been this way since I was a baby bird.

4) My porn-star name is Victoria Spencer, and I’m proud of it. For those of you that don’t know, you figure out your porn-star name by taking the first street you lived on and adding it to the first pet you had. It’s a silly game, but it yields some humorous results in a group of people.

5) I am very uncomfortable running an odd-number amount of miles. This is a weird quirk, however I really really have a strong aversion to not having a round, even number of miles completed after a run. With the exception of 13.1, I really dislike odd distances, and I will almost always round up or down mileage if it means avoiding an odd number. Ironic…because I realize just how odd this is.

6) I used to play softball, volleyball, basketball, and run track. I may have mentioned this before, but the majority of my younger years, up until I went to college and traded athletics for beer pong, were spent either on the practice field or game field. I was a huge tomboy for a good number of years, and competing was my favorite thing to do. I eventually grew out of crying when I lost a game, however to this very day I absolutely love sports and will jump on any park-and-rec, intramural, or pick-up-game that you throw at me.

Can you find me? Hint: pigtails and "short person" group placement spot.

7) I’ve never had a cavity. I consider this luck, to be honest…and the fact that I am missing normal molars and my teeth are a bit spacey. Still, my dentists are always impressed.

8) I have crooked pinkies. Some call it hereditary, I believe it’s a birth defect, but either way I have two very, very crooked pinkies, and they frighten people when I show them for the first time. BF thinks it’s really funny to look at them when we’re holding hands and shudder/shake his hand away in disgust. It’s hilarious, really, and NO you don’t get a photo…yet. Maybe someday.

9) 9 is my favorite number in the whole world. I have mentioned this before, and I’m not particularly sure how it first started (aside perhaps from when Mia Hamm wore this number for the US women’s team). I think good things started happening in relation to the number 9, and I professed my undying love for it. Also, if you remember from Sesame Street when they had a “number of the day,” 9 was always so elegant and pretty…unlike stupid 7. Sorry 7, you’re alright…but 9 is where it is at.

10) I will always put my favorite song on a mix CD as the number 9 track. See above for reasoning. If you ever get a CD from me, you can be sure that whatever song I’ve selected in the 9 slot is a bonafied RBB fave.

11) I have a weight-lifting record at my high school. Okay, so it’s shared with 4 other people, but to this day my name is still on the record board for my weight-class in incline bench press. I used to be embarrassed about this, but the fact that it’s still there is seriously hysterical to me—and I’m proud. Apparently there aren’t any burly 115 pound teenage girls walking around my high school anymore.

12) I absolutely hate Swiss cheese. There are very, very few foods that I dislike. It is safe to say that no matter where I go, no matter what there is, I will be able to find something I like. But not Swiss cheese. Unless it’s in fondue form, in which I’ll tolerate it, I wince at anything that is even close to touching Swiss cheese.

13) I have broken 3 bones, all on 3rd base. No, not that third base you dirty minded people. But wouldn’t that be funny, too? Anyways, I have broken my nose and both the bones in my arm while in close proximity to the 3rd base plate in softball. My arm was broken while sliding into 3rd; the chick playing third decided to push me over mid-slide, and instead of falling I tried to catch myself using my left radius and ulna. Double break, I think the bones actually switched spots as well. My nose was broken when I was tagging a girl while was playing third. The bill of her helmet went into my nose, and it felt really really spectacular.

For the record, I was safe when I broke my arm. Obviously making it worth it.

14) My favorite animal is the killer whale. This is a very deep, intense love. I still have orca figurines that I collected as a child back at home, and to this day I squeal in delight whenever I see a photo, movie, commercial, or billboard with a killer whale on it. And yes I know they are “killers” or whatever, but I like to remain in my fantasy of swimming joyfully with them in a beautiful forest-lined cove.


And surprisingly, I was not a Lisa Frank kid. Bonus fact!

15) I end every long race to Defying Gravity from Wicked. If you’ve heard this song, you have to understand the undeniable energy, determination, and epic-ness of it. It’s my happy song, it makes me feel untouchable, and I love the feeling of crossing the finish line with Elphaba crooning about how no one can bring her down.

16) The nickname “Birdie” came from freshman year basketball. I don’t actually remember who exactly bestowed this name upon me, but from then on it was my title in just about every sport I played. And if you have yet to figure out why I am associated with a Bird, my name is Robyn. If you still don’t get it, then I recommend a nap or maybe some caffeine.

17) I have a fairly impressive ability of guessing people’s birth months. I know this might seem strange, and it is, but for some reason over the past few years I’ve realized that I have a real knack for guessing the month people I meet were born in. I don’t know how it works, I don’t know how I can do it, but for some reason I get a feeling from people about when they were born—and it’s normally right. I typically need to be with them, in person, and normally I need to have spent more than 5 or so minutes with them. It works best with people I’ve known longer…and if you don’t believe me, next time we’re together I’ll try and guess your’s…and you’ll realize why I should be working a booth at 6 Flags.

18) My favorite book of all time is Les Miserables. Again, I’ve mentioned Les Mis one too many times on a blog that is supposed to be about sweating and running. I don’t really think the poor and desperate people of 19th century France fit in much, but I can’t help it. I find the story beautifully tragic, and the writing is so classic and poetic. Also, I will talk to you for hours about the show if you ever bring it up, so be warned. AND THEY ARE MAKING A MOVIE.

19) I only like purple and red Skittles. They should make packs of these two flavors only, like how Swedish Fish has “red only” packs.

20) Belle is the best Disney princess of them all. No, I am not stating this as an opinion, because it’s fact. She reads, she’s independent, she doesn’t need a prince to wake her from a coma, and she sees past outer appearances in favor of what’s on the inside.

Belle dressed as me for Halloween. With her cop friend, he wasn't included in the movie.

21) My favorite flowers are white lilies. Lilies smell phenomenal and look like something that lines the walls of heaven. I adore lilies and I will get my nose covered in their messy pollen just to inhale their fabulous scent.

22) I have two tattoos. That’s all…

23) I want to do an Ironman someday. I’m not sure when, I’m not sure if it’s possible (first I need to do that whole get-a-real-competition-bike thing), but I do know that I want to do an Ironman. I’ve looked at training schedules, and they’re horrifying, but I know that there will be a point in time where I want to give all I have into doing the bad-boy of all tris. I have declared 2013 the year of the triathlon…so we’ll start there.

24) I studied abroad in Prague, and it was the best time of my life. I was fortunate enough to spend the spring semester of my junior year in the Czech Republic, and it was the quintessential essence of a perfect abroad experience. I traveled all around Europe, I had no cell phone, I ate everything in sight, I walked everywhere I went, and perhaps most importantly, I learned how to make myself happy. I miss it every day, and I can guarantee I will go back someday, if you would like to come you’re welcome to join…I will show you all over and make you eat all the fried cheese and beer Praha has to offer.

The writing on the wall...be happy 🙂

There you have it! 24 facts for 24 years. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me, or at least I made you feel a bit more normal.

Tell me what your porn star name is! And, if you feel like sharing, tell me some facts about you that either compliment or contrast my facts above. Unless you’re a shark affectionato, and in that case we can no longer speak. 

2 thoughts on “24 Facts for 24 Years

  1. runkaylarun

    Happy Birthday!!! I’m turning 24 this year too…it seems like just yesterday that I was turning 18! I love your porn star name, mine is a little manly haha. Jefferson Sophie? Not sure about that one!

  2. sweetmaddy

    This is a cute idea, I might steal it come November! PS I am going to Prague this July. 🙂 Will be downing beer and smazeny syr at every possible moment!


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