Friday Favorites: I love CAPSLOCK

Get psyched friends, it’s Friday…and not only that, but this weekend we will be setting our clocks forward and crawling our way out of the dark and dreary dregs(alliteration!) of winter.

Boo losing an hour of sleep!

YAY gaining daylight!

I think I speak for, well, everyone when I say that longer days means an overall increase in daily morale. Unless, of course, you are a vampire, an owl, or a serial killer who uses the cover of darkness to make their kills and throw their victims into the ocean, then I’m sorry for the whole daylight savings thing.

(If you’re mega creeped out by the above example, all I can say is you should start watching Dexter.)

And I KNOW I speak for runners when I say that longer days are AWESOME. It’s easier to get up in the morning for an early run, you have more time after work for a late run, and it’s just generally safer/more enjoyable to run when you can actually see things.

Suffice it to say, I was chipper when I woke up this morning— which happened not because of my alarm, but because there was daylight coming through the blinds. I hadn’t even set an alarm because today is a rest day, which is quite lovely. I’ve been hitting it fairly hard recently, and I’m basking in some R and R today, complete with a relaxing lunchtime yoga session later on.

Also, I have never, ever said “suffice it to say.” Not sure why that one popped out…

However, despite my merriment upon a having a chill morning filled with cuddling in my bed and listening to the birdies chirping outside, there is a looming thought that’s beating in the back of my head. It goes something like this.

22 miles.

Tomorrow, long run, 22 miles.

This was the longest mileage I trained to last round of marathon training, and so there’s a definite extreme feel to it. Funny, because next week I’ll “get” to go even further, but we’re not talking about that yet. I have a few goals for this run, all surrounding preparation for the real marathon deal. I’m experimenting with a dinner tonight that I think could be really good for pre-long run fuel, I’m setting a very specific minimum finish time, and I’m going to be trying out new mid-run fuel.

After having a potentially TMI conversation with my friends at the local running store, they hooked me up with some packs of goop that they think could help my sensitive digestive system. They’re called Power Bar Energy, and they’re a lot more liquidy than other gummies and gel, which apparently will help deplete the stomach cramping that every other fuel source tends to give me. Stayed tuned.

Okay, let’s move on to the real reason for Friday blogging shall we?


Magazine Day

I am obviously my most beautiful after long runs. Salt on my face and a smell being hidden inside a fleece. Mmmm. Right BF?

I think we can all agree that when you open your mailbox and you see the newest issue of a magazine inside, your day is instantly made. It sure beats getting endless credit card offers from various banks and pleads from your Alma Mater for alumnae money (Sorry UPS, but…really? LET ME PAY MY LOANS FIRST).

I get THREE magazine subscriptions, therefore the beginning of every month is normally riddled with happy mailbox days. Runner’s World day is the best, followed by Real Simple, with Women’s Health in third. I really love to hate that magazine. It always makes me angry, but I still resubscribe.

I digress.

Magazine Day is awesome, and it’s easily one of my favorite things.

Blueberry Bagels

I ate 75% of this bagel before calming down to take a picture. I would be a horrible food blogger.

My sister has adopted the saying “TGIB,” which I believe should probably be made into a bumper stickers. Bagels are really, really good. Anyone who disagrees is lying to themselves, or they haven’t done enough experimentation with all the wonderful varieties available.

I need no experimentation. In fact, my bagel order has remained the same since I had teeth to actually nom on a bagel. I have ordered a blueberry bagel with plain cream cheese and raspberry/strawberry jam since before I could even string sentences together. And it will forever remain my favorite order. A go-to staple that is the perfect combination of comfort food and Sunday ritual.


The Les Miserables Soundtrack

Okay, so this favorite should actually say Les Mis in all shapes and forms. It’s my favorite book of all time, and the musical is a part of my personal gospel. I adore everything about Les Mis, and recently I have taken to listening to the entire show while working. It’s fabulously entertaining, and it sends me through all the heartbreaking and empowering moments in the show. That said, I am elated because the traveling Broadway show has decided to come BACK to Seattle this summer after having such a successful show last year. I plan on dragging inviting my musical-hesitant-yet-culturally-experimental boyfriend this time, as I saw the show last summer and loved it all over again. You kill me Javert, every time.

-Ellen, and more specifically: Ellen “on” The Bachelor

I really, really love Ellen. Her comedy, her talk show, and her general sense of humor is just spot-on hilarious to me. Ellen should be a Friday Favorite all on her own. In fact, she might pop up again. However this week, this video wins the favorite spot. I will never actually put The Bachelor on my favorites list….yes because I’m ashamed, but mainly because it’s not an authentic favorite. It’s a guilty pleasure that I hate to love (different than love to hate, mind you), mainly because it’s fun to talk about with my fellow watchers. I gave up this crap for YEARS people, why has it dragged me back in??? I’m hoping this is a one season fluke, but who even knows what the intrigue of free On-Demand will bring about.

Anyway, Ellen does a fantastic job of playfully mocking this show without totally poo-pooing it like every other non-watcher does. And, you know, if Ellen is willing to talk about The Bachelor…it makes me feel better about myself for giving into it. Oh, and my mom watches (sorry Ma, I’m outing you) therefore again…my conscious is slightly less burdened.

That’s all for favorites for today! Post was getting wordy, that never happens right?

Happy Weekend-ing!

What are your favorite things? Weekend plans? Long run? Hot yoga? Jager Bombs?

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