Friday Favorites: Girly Weekend Glory

I always love Fridays, however this one is especially awesome because (drum roll please…)

I get to spend ALL WEEKEND with my sister Corey. She goes to school about 2 hours north of me in Bellingham, and although that’s not that far, it’s far enough to where we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like. Hence, when we plan a weekend together—we take special care in ensuring that it’s the best kind of fun possible. My sister and I have fairly identical lists in terms of the things that make us happy, and so when you couple together mutual excitement for certain activites—oh, it’s just great.

Nevertheless, our weekend will be filled with perhaps the girliest activites possible—including but not limited too: Pedicures, shopping at the Lululemon OUTLET (yes, it exists), eating delicious food, and seeing The Vow.

C'mon, you know you're curious...

 So I’m not a diehard fan of these super cheesy chick flicks, but they’re always fun to get wrapped up in—and The Notebook may have changed my 16-year-old life, so here’s hoping for a Rachel McAdams repeat.

Seriously though, do you remember the raining/”It still isn’t over!”/bedroom scene?

Holy hell.

Anyways, amidst all these fun endeavours, there will be some running involved. My sister is getting her hot yoga on tomorrow morning, so I really have no excuse to not do my long run. Plus, Bellingham is where I ran my first half marathon, so I have a running soft spot for it. I’m hoping for 16 miles, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m also bringing my sister and housemates these to ensure they let me come back.

Heyyy Corey I hope you don't read/see this before I get there!


In a nutshell (I really don’t like this expression, but there aren’t too many alternatives) , I’m pumped for the weekend.

Now for some Friday Favorites…

-Thumbhole Shirts

pink thumbhole shirts get bonus points

So I have been having this issue recently where I wear a grand total of three different outfits—all the time. It’s bad, and I should really encorporate the rest of my wardrobe because I’m sure it’s cold and lonely in my closet.

But for now, running and yoga clothes are really what I’m preferencing—specifically long sleeved shirts with thumb holes. I love these shirts both on cold runs and in everyday life (see latte-holding photo above). For someone who is chronically cold, a little added coziness really makes me happy.

– Target

I fully own how ridiculously American it is for me to be so passionate about a corporate chain store, but I really can’t help it and I’m not going to try and stop. I love everything about Target, even just being there smelling the buttery week-old popcorn in the cafe. I spent a solid hour there yesterday just kind of wandering around looking at the myriad of things, and I loved it.

Yes I bought a few necessary items too…it wasn’t a total “Oh my God Robyn what a waste of your life” moment. And by necessary items, I do mean Valentine’s Day things and a new shirt.

– Cooking

My medallion-shaped masterpiece!

I know what you might be thinking…

“Isn’t this the chick who only posts food pictures of Chipotle and store-bought cookies?”

I’m not out to fool anyone…I do love to cook, I just don’t happen to do it too often. Which is why, unlike many fitness bloggers, I don’t put up every meal I eat. First of all, because that’s super boring, and secondly because I really don’t think you want to see pictures of green smoothies and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches repeated over and over again. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say?

That being said, when I do decide to get crazy and actually cook something, I really do enjoy it. Last night I decided to go nuts and make a main dish AND a side. Really out there people. I made two things I know BF doesn’t particularly care for because he’s out of town, and it was delightful. Roasted eggplant with tomato sauce and zucchini fritters—both easy, healthy, and delicious.

– The Stick

I hate you. But my muscles love you. So we can be civil.

So, I should first say that I actually loathe this device. BF and I take turns kneading out each other’s calves with this little devil, and by the end both of us are in so much pain I’m surprised we don’t break the thing in half. Seriously, I nearly have to bite a pillow just to keep my composure while getting massaged horribly abused by this God foresaken thing.

However, this little guy makes my running so much better, and I’m convinced it helps save me from injury and chronic soreness. Therefore, it makes the favorites list, despite all else. You can stick around my painful friend. (Do you see what I did there? I hope so, because otherwise I just giggled by myself.)

– Chocolate Soy Milk

Mmmm this stuff is the best. Both BF and I use it as a run recovery drink (if you haven’t heard, choco milk is stellar for muscle repair post-run), and I use in my coffee as well when I make a pot at home.

Truth be told, dairy and I don’t get along well thanks to my digestive issues (please ignore the feta and sour cream in the picture above). And so, soymilk and almond milk are life savers—and delicious ones at that. If you aren’t a fan of soymilk but are trying to lessen your dairy intake, I do recommend trying this chocolate variety—because chocolate makes everything better, and I know a lot of anti-soy people who are sold on this variation.


There you are! 5 more Friday Favorites in the bag, and I’m feeling peppier than when I started. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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