Slug Thursday and Racing in Reindeer Ears

This week has me all turned around. It’s Thursday, but it feels like Monday, and although I’m normally feeling pretty psyched and energized by this point in the week—today I kind of feel like a slug.

I think I’m a little burned out, and I decided this morning that instead of my usual Thursday morning run I’d sleep in a bit with BF. It turned out to be very needed, because not only did I fall immediately back asleep, I slept right up until my reset alarm went off.

I’m in this weird dynamic with my decision to sleep in though. Although I knew I needed some rest and extra sleep, whenever I decide to forego my morning workout I always end up feeling more tired and fog-headed. It doesn’t seem fair—for someone s0 committed to getting their butt in action almost every morning(even on the weekends!), the few days I choose to take it easy should feel good. But somehow, they leave me all bogged down.

I’m sorry to complain, but I wish sometimes I could just relish in an exercise-free morning.

Oh well, first world problems. Seriously Robyn, stop your whining.

My post today is a bit random, but who said every post needed to have a higher purpose?

As I told you on Tuesday, my best friend came and visited me for 24 hours, and it was glorious. We ate Chipotle and chocolate croissants, drank wine, shopped, cuddled, and talked endlessly. All the things best friends do. I love the kind of friendships that can pick up right where they left off—as if no time has passed whatsoever.

We had a grand time, and although I wish we lived closer to each other—I always treasure the time we get to spend in our little world.

She also gave me a subscription to Real Simple for Christmas. MEGA SCORE. I love magazines.

This weekend BF and I are doing the 12ks of Christmas race in Kirkland, WA and I’m really looking forward to it. It will be my first race since the marathon, and I’m excited to once again pin a number to my shirt and feel some pre-race butterflies. Normally for distances under a half marathon, I don’t really get too many nerves, however I have a specific goal time in mind for this upcoming race—a time that seems pretty fast to me—and so I know come race morning I’ll be a bit nervous. I want to run it in 60 minutes or under, which will end up being pretty much 8 minute miles the whole way. We’ll see…also, I’m breaking in a new pair of Asics, so who knows what will happen.

Either way, Saturday I will be in search of some long red socks and reindeer ears to wear during the race. Pictures will be posted!

I’m having a hard time believing that Christmas is only TEN days away now. The season always starts so early, but it somehow goes by so quickly. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job at participating in the usual holiday activities, however at this point I’m really just ready to be with my family at home (in Colorado), relaxing and enjoying our breaks together.

Until then, I have a bit more shopping to do, cookies to make, and low-altitude running to enjoy.

Hope everyone has a great day! 

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