10 Miles to Soaking Wet Happiness

It is raining in Seattle.

I realize this sounds very obvious. Like, “Duh Robyn it’s November in the Pacific North West.” Which is true…but it is really raining in Seattle. Like hard, big drops of cold reminders that we ought to be staying inside.

I awoke to the sad sound of rain pattering outside, announcing that my Tuesday run would be hindered. It was raining hard enough that I decided to bank on it clearing by the afternoon and rolled over for some extra zzzs.

Alas, the pouring continued all day, and I was in a bipolar mental battle with myself of what to do:

“Yo, practice what you preach, get your butt out there.”

“The treadmill isn’t SO bad.”

“You’ll be so much happier if you go outside.”

“I really really really don’t want to get wet.”

“Where is your grit?!?!”

So I was all, “Wahhh poor me. I’m grumpy, I have to workout inside, I’m going to miss my run.” (Note: I fully recognize these are not real problems)

Then, I was alerted via email to an update of Dean Karnazes’s blog on Runner’s World. Upon seeing his name pop up on my screen, I was reminded of all the reasons he has inspired me as a runner, and all the mental toughness he exerts in all his fanatical(crazy) running endeavors. Then, instantaneously, a switch flipped, and I decided, “Screw you rain, I’m going to run!”

It was a little hair-brained and rash, but I didn’t want the weather to affect my ability to get my daily fix of running euphoria. Why should something as trivial as rain get in the way of my me-time? Also…um, hello I live in Seattle, get OVER IT.

Off I went in the dark and stormy afternoon, clad in a running rain coat and baseball cap.

Note: If you ever run in the rain, wearing a hat with a brim is VITAL to staying dry. It will keep the rain off your face and your spirits alive.

As soon as I took off, my mood went from somber and “bleh”(a term I frequently use) to energized and happy. I felt adventurous, determined, and impervious to the disheartening nature of rain.

Around mile 5, any attempts to avoid total sock-soakage was proven impossible as I plunged into the deep puddles along my path. It became funny, actually, as if the weather gods were laughing at my meager attempts to stay dry.

During the second half of my run, the sky was completely dark and I could tell by the street lights just how hard the rain was coming down. Oh, and that is was angled directly toward me. Head wind and rain…mother nature was just  mocking me now. My rain coat had now proven entirely ineffective as my arms, undershirt, and sports bra were soaked…but it didn’t matter. I finished the run off with a smile on my face, literally, and praying that my drowned iPod still had some function left to it. (Still not sure about this…keep your fingers crossed!)

I jumped into the salvation of my car with pruney fingers and toes, freezing and soaked to the bone—but elated with a stellar runner’s high. I don’t always get a runner’s high anymore…in fact I would say it’s becoming rare, however the introduction of elemental challenges and a test of my willpower gave me a great big running jolt right where I needed it.

The sopping aftermath. Running is also very sexy, did you know that?

In hindsight, going for a run in the pouring rain is really not such a spectacle, but at the time I really felt like I was rising above adversity in order to get what I wanted. And sure, it was a small feat, but it felt great.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! I’ll be making my first feast (gulp!) turkey included! Also, BF is running his first half marathon on Sunday, so you can expect full updates on the results!!

Is anyone doing a turkey-trot tomorrow? What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish to dig into? Hope everyone has a great holiday, and enjoy the allowed gluttony…I sure will!

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