Boston Marathon Training Week #9

Quick little training update post while I have a few minutes!

This was technically my first taper week. Some people go with only two weeks of taper for the marathon, but I’ve always had success with three. Don’t mess with a good thing…especially when it comes to preparing for the all-mighty 26.2.

This time around, especially, I’m hyper-conscious about resting up for the big day. The theme of these three taper weeks is restoration, and I plan on using every trick in the book to arrive in Boston feeling sparkly and fresh. And I mean every trick…but that’s a topic for another post.

Here’s how week #9 looked:

Monday: 6.5 miles

Pre-first day on the new job miles = necessary

Tuesday: 50 min. stair stepper + lifting

I had intentions to go to spin, but apparently I picked the day when the most popular class was going on. I arrived ten minutes early and there wasn’t an empty bike seat in sight. But, I took the opportunity to lift some weights instead which ultimately may have been smarter.

Wednesday: 8 miles

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 2 mile swim

The pool was too warm but I felt great otherwise. Magical swimming, I’ll tell ya.

Saturday: 6 miles + lifting

BF and I ran to our gym and back and it was rough. I had to stop twice on the way there (yes, that’s twice in only three miles) and generally running after lifting is tough stuff.

Sunday: 16 miles

Bliss. Total and complete long-run perfection. After the train wreck runs I’ve been having lately, I really needed this one. I rode the high on this for a few days.

Total= 36.5 miles

That’s all the time I’ve got! I’ve wavering back and forth between uncontrollable excitement and paralyzing fear about the race. Sound like taper-time? I think so too.

TEN days left!!!

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