Eugene Marathon Training Week #10

Last week was a good one. A nice leeway from high mileage into taper. Admittedly, I’m already feeling a little taper-anxious, but for now—let’s focus on last week:

M: Rest

T: 9 miles, easy

W: 7 miles w/ 6 x 600 @ 5k pace + Maximum Sculpt

Loved this workout. Quick speed, quick recovery. I did these in 6:53-ish pace miles and felt great.

T: 80 minute swim

After work— took all my strength and willpower to get there, but felt so good after.

F: 6 miles, easy + Maximum Sculpt

S: 16 miles

S: 6.5 miles along Vancouver waterfront with BF, aka: heaven.

Total= 44.5 miles

I ended up a smidgen higher than I wanted to, but it was mostly for the sake of Sunday’s glory run with BF. Very worth it.

Very, very worth it.

Very, very worth it.

Speaking of, BF came to Maximum Sculpt class with me on Wednesday after all my incessant raving, and he liked it! Actually he said it was really hard…but wouldn’t you know it, he’s already come again this week. We have a convert!

As for these next two weeks, I’m being very formulaic about my schedule. Not really any room for messing around, and if I do make any changes, they will be in favor of more rest rather than more miles. I learned from Chicago training that overemphasizing on the rest is never a bad thing, and if there’s one mistake I don’t want to make— it’s not resting enough.

As always, easier said than done—but per the theme of this training cycle, I’m keeping the end goal in mind.

More than anything, I’m really just getting excited. I feel so lucky that I’ll get to have quite a few of my very favorite people in the world coming to Eugene. My mom, her partner Kate, both my grandparents, and BF are all planning to come and cheer, and that in and of itself will make the day spectacular. None of them, other than BF, have ever been to one of my running events since I started racing long distance, so it’s a pretty special occasion. Let’s just hope they don’t get too bored 🙂

The end is in sight! All I’ve got in front of me are some taper monsters and probable phantom pains. But otherwise, I feel ready. And I’m fairly certain that after a heavy dose of rest paired with a heavy dose of race anxiety, I’ll be like a caged animal come race day.

10 days!


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