Eugene Marathon Training Week #2

I’m alive!

Sorry for the delay in training updates/posting. To quote the most overused excuse in history…I’ve been busy, busy, busy. My brother and I ventured down to Oregon over the long weekend, and between the travel, the running, and the pile of work I have to do…little runbirdierun hasn’t been the top priority.

But moving on… let’s take a look at week 2 of Eugene training!

M: 11 miles, easy. No watch- just glorious, dark, early morning miles.

T: 85 minute swim

W: 8 miles, 4 @hmp + Maximum Sculpt

T: 7 miles- Valentine’s Day run with BF!

F: 40 min? (don’t really remember) stair-stepper + Maximum Sculpt


S: 16 miles, 8:07 avg. page

Total= 42 miles

***Maximum Sculpt is my gym’s version of BodyPump…just no copyright.

This week was generally good, with the exception of a few run rearrangements. I moved Friday’s run to Thursday for the sake of running with my Valentine(insert hearts all over the place).

Wednesday’s workout was interesting. For some reason, the 4 miles I did at half-marathon pace (7:30/mile) felt WAY better than the 4 slow miles I did on either side of those miles. Weird. Also, in a fit of tired delirium/general clumsiness, I dropped a 10 pound dumbbell on my foot while racking my weights. Cue: panic over broken toes, damaged foot nerves, etc. Lucky for me, the weight missed my toes and I currently just have a bruise on top of my foot. Not so lucky for me were how many people saw this happen…smooth moves, Broker.

I also did my long run on Sunday instead of my preferred and usual Saturday morning.  I wanted so badly to get it done on Saturday, really I did. But after 7.5 hours of driving to Oregon on Friday night and a 12:30 am bedtime after getting up at 4:30 that morning…Saturday was not going to happen. Which was fine, but when I have to unexpectedly push back a long run, it weighs on me and I start to irrationally dread it. Which is why on Sunday morning, it was almost impossible to think of running a mile, let alone 16.

However, I let me legs do the talking and they answered. I felt good, especially considering the hilly route I took:


A little Les Mis soundtrack, a backdrop of evergreen trees and lakes…I was a happy little runner.

And since I apparently have zero ability to articulate anything of substance right now, I’ll leave you with some photos from my glorious weekend on the Oregon coast:

image (1)

My beautiful Grammy

My beautiful Grammy

Grandad the postcard model

Granddad the postcard model

I mean...what else do you buy when you've been in the car/traffic/fog for 7 hours on a Friday night?

I mean…what else do you buy when you’ve been in the car/traffic/fog for 7 hours on a Friday night?

Seriously? SERIOUSLY.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY.

I really did have a great weekend. Seeing my family always seems to restore and revitalize me…and when you combine that with many hours spent reading by a fire, good food, and fresh ocean air, well…let’s just say I feel like a whole new woman this week. Two mornings in a row of a 4:20 alarm, and I’m feeling tip-top…we’ll see how long it lasts 🙂

And just because maybe you could use a laugh:

image (3)

God the internet is full of awesome things.

There you have it! My training/weekend/photo dump of a post. I would promise some more structure next time, but I’m fairly certain that would be a lie.

Anyway, I hope your week has been good and you are all as happy as I am that the days are no longer ending at 4 pm. C’mon spring!

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