On a Scale of 1 to Really Stupid…

This week is the calm before the storm.

Next Monday, I’ll be starting a 12 week journey toward the Eugene Marathon. Yipee-kay-yay, I can’t wait. Like, legitimately psyched for this.

16 week programs are always too much for me to wrap my head around, so I prefer to stick to 12 weeks, with a good amount of running base built up. Maybe I just have commitment issues (NOT—I’ve had the same haircut for 10 years), but there’s something so much more do-able sounding about “12 weeks.”

This is the best I’ve felt fitness-wise going into marathon training. I’ve been trying really hard to keep a log and build up mileage in a somewhat systematic way, without being too compulsive about it. I’ve been averaging ~40 miles/week…sometimes more, sometimes less. I’ve also been trying to consistently run 14-16 mile long runs on the weekend, which makes the upcoming 18-22s not as daunting. Kidding, they’re still scary.

I was considering taking this week as a zero-running week altogether, just to reset the system.

Ya…not exactly happening. It’s not that I couldn’t do it, I just didn’t feel it was all that necessary. Instead, I’m “tapering” a bit before actual training starts next week. Tapering, meaning that I’ll run fewer miles and focus on stretching and sleeping. The sleeping part isn’t for the sake of tapering actually—that’s just for fun.

So fewer miles, more leg TLC, etc.

Which brings me to my, “Just how stupid am I?” question:

This weekend happens to be the same weekend as West Seattle’s annual “Fat Ass 50k.”

No, don’t worry, I am not going to run a 50k before taking on a strict marathon training schedule.

BUT, there is a 25k option. Some of you might remember, I ran it last year, and had a blast.

I really really really want to do it again. I know a few people doing it, and it’s generally just fun to be out on a Sunday with a bunch of other neighborhood runners gearing up for an afternoon of Superbowl debauchery.

This race is very low key, very casual, but still very exciting. There are even bibs this year! And they have homebrews as prizes!

So here’s my question: How stupid is it to run a 15.2 mile race the day before beginning to marathon train?

Be honest please. I can’t guarantee I’ll obey anyone’s opinions, but I thought I’d throw the question out there. Remember, I wouldn’t actually “race” this race…more like a fun long run with paper safety pinned to me.


8 thoughts on “On a Scale of 1 to Really Stupid…

  1. Your Mother

    Way past the really stupid end of the scale. Best case scenario: You have a really fun race. Worst case scenario: You end up with an injury (or even just super fatigued legs), potentially derailing or at least delaying the 12 weeks of marathon training that you are so psyched to start. Totally not worth the risk, in my humble option.

  2. Lauren

    I don’t think it is stupid at all especially considering you already run that mileage on the weekend anyways. In fact, you could probably run a marathon this weekend and be fine 🙂

    1. runbirdierun Post author

      Slow and steady would definitely be the way I’d go for it if I do it. If I don’t do it, I’ll do a shorter run in the opposite direction of the race and I’ll look for you!

      1. Lauren

        Yay! Would be good to see you there. Thanks for turning me on to the free race 🙂 Seeing as I am home sick from work today with this cold … it is not going to be a fast day for me!

  3. Becky @ RunFunDone

    Injured girl over here thinks that if you already have a 40 mile/week base, you’re probably good to go for the 15 mile base. But, obvs, I’m not the one you should ask about how to not get injured! 🙂

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