Thanksgiving Week in Photos

Happy post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas season, Cyber Monday to you!

I hope you all enjoy peeking at your coworkers’ computer screens today to see how hard they’re working at scoring all the deals. I love trying to see what people are shopping for. So much more interesting than a screen of spreadsheets and Outlook.

Anyway, if you’ve taken a break from your sale-searching and stumbled upon my little blog, welcome. Here is a little review of my Thanksgiving break. It was lovely, and I was able to take a needed breather and escape from the cold, rain, and everyday life.

Let’s just start with the forecast I was looking at going into my California vacation…

Good stuff. How could anything go wrong with such a promise of sunshine?

Every other year, my family holds our family reunion over the Thanksgiving weekend. It works out well because normally everyone has time off, and luckily a good deal of my family lives in Southern California.I was born there as well, so it doubles as a vacation back to my home town.

Not to mention that my siblings and I adore pretending that we’re OC-locals who hang out with the Cohens and stroll down the board walk whensoever we may please.

With that said, here’s some photo journalism of my trip:

Sister Corey and me on Turkey day.

The whole family reunion crew. Yes, those are orange fleeces and yes, I have four others in different colors. The good news is there wasn’t a deer in sight.

My Grammy and myself.

Chilli cook-off on Friday night. Because, you know, after the Thanksgiving feast you should continue with the binging momentum and eat masses of chilli.

Cousins are the best.

The “We finished this bottle of tequila in half an hour” picture. I helped a lot.

Other than the above events, my week was essentially filled with family time, a lot of food, and—randomly—a good amount of running. I didn’t have  any set plans on how far/when I would run while in California, but I ended up running nearly 11 miles (sub 8/mile average!) on Thanksgiving and then 8 miles on Friday. Awesome taper strategy, I know.

I got back early on Saturday morning and proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the day except for a quick trip to the Seattle Marathon expo.

Neon neon, everywhere.

It was fine…really nothing too special. I grabbed a few samples, withheld from registering for 44 different races, and headed straight back to my couch. My uber-rest day Saturday was an attempt to undo all of the ill-fated half marathon manoeuvres I’d made that week (too much running, too much tequila, too little sleep). So along with some carbs and Gossip Girl, here’s what my day looked like.


But now that I’ve figured out that laziness is actually one of the best things in the world, I loved every minute of it.

I went to bed that night really really unsure of how the Seattle half would go. I was fairly certain it was going to go either really well or really horribly, so my “goals” weren’t exactly concrete. But, that’s a post for tomorrow…:)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting as psyched as I am for Christmas!

PS: I literally got a side stitch from eating so much/too fast at Thanksgiving. That’s a new level of gluttony if you ask me, has this ever happened to anyone???

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