Chicago Marathon Training Week #5

I realize that numbers and miles and workouts can get a little boring, so sorry about that, but in case you’re interested—and since I committed to weekly reports—here’s last week’s training. It was a good one. The weekend runs were spent back in Florence, OR with my family at our Summerhouse.

M: Rest

T: 10.5 m run, 8:20 ish pace, I think?

W: 7 m run, 1 m warm up, 5 @ <7:45, 1 m cool down + BodyPump

T: 10 m run, 8:30 average pace

F: spin + lifting

S: 18.3 m run, 8:10 average pace

S: 6 m trail run

Total: 51.8 miles

Over 50 last week! I am really happy with this—particularly with how good I felt on each run. Sunday’s trail run was a bit stiff and I could definitely feel the long run fatigue from the day before, but otherwise it was pretty smooth sailing. I wanted to do a little surge up in mileage last week and cutback this upcoming week, so afterward I can make a solid push into my peak weeks.

Training program? No, failed at that one again. But, in following the 10% rule and integrating a LR and tempo run every week, plus strength work, I’m feeling confident in my preparation so far.

And speaking of failing…let’s talk about that long run pace up there shall we?

I don’t really have any excuse other than I wanted to finish it and I wanted to minimize my time spent in the increasing temperature of an 80 degree day. Yes, I am a Pacific Northwest climate baby.

And admittedly…although I was planning on a slow-and-steady long run, I was enjoying seeing some of the times I was seeing on my Garmin. To tell you the truth, I started to feel better when I was doing faster miles—more natural, more relaxed, and generally more efficient. I have said it before that I desperately need to slow down on my long runs…but honestly I don’t feel like I was trying to run as fast as I ended up.

Let me do a little long run recap, because we all know that’s the most interesting part of any running blog ever.

I ran the same course as last weekend, adding 2 miles at one point to bump it up to 18. The course is hilly, it’s interstate-y, and there are a lot of long, continual stretches where there’s not much to see but the road ahead and big tall trees. There is a lot more elevation changing than I’m used to…and although this is great training, it ultimately adds a whole new challenge to a run that is already very long.

Needless to say, it wasn’t until about mile 5 that I started getting in a groove. And right when I was all, “Okay Broker, let’s gut this thing out,” the little voice on my nano came on and maliciously whispered that my battery was low.

I nearly replied out loud, “Yea, I hate you too.”

Please note. I can run without music. I do not, however, enjoy not even having the option to listen to music, particularly on long runs. Particularly on long runs with long ascents that require a loud anthem to climb.

So I was all grumpy pants and cursing my iPod charging negligence. Whine, whine, whine. Then all of a sudden, amidst my huffing and puffing, I thought to myself, “Homie…you’re in your favorite place in the world, with your favorite people in the world, doing your favorite thing in the world. And you’re complaining….why?”

Thanks, self. And just like that, I subconsciously talked myself into enjoying my quiet early morning run along the 101. In an instant, my form straightened up, my pace felt more comfortable, and my spirits were lifted. This was also, as I would soon realize, the point where my pace was getting faster. After about a mile and a half of my mood turnaround, I looked at my watch and saw a 7:40 looking back…which I didn’t believe at first, because I felt the best I had all day.

For the rest of the run, I meandered around 8 minute miles, slower on the uphills, faster on the downhills, and somehow finished perhaps my fastest long run ever.

A change of attitude was all it took to take this run from mundane to great—which is, of course, a lesson about running that is true so much of the time.

More blueberry pancakes afterward, followed by a beach trip, river kayaking, a visit to the candy store, a booze cruise, a wonderful dinner, and so much laughing my stomach hurt multiple times. I absolutely love the time I get to spend with my family, and I feel so fortunate every time we get time together.

 Have a great Monday!

1 thought on “Chicago Marathon Training Week #5

  1. ricoleruns

    You are a ROCKSTAR. 50 freaking miles! Did you ever answer my question about what you’re highest mileage week ever? This week you didn’t double my miles thankfully, just 20 miles more than me. 🙂 And I totally started singing the OC theme song thanks to your reference to cruisin’ down the 101…. if you don’t know what I”m talking about – never mind.


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