Friday Favorites: California Love

Happy Friday!

I am currently writing from the sunny land of Los Angeles, California. I’m here for a little spring break trip with my family, and it is SO nice to be out of the dregs of Seattle winter and basking in some sunshine. I wore shorts yesterday you guys, SHORTS.

My blogging may be a little sparse throughout the next week as I’m going to try and enjoy as much of the time I have here as I can, but I wanted to pop in for a Friday update and of course some favorites.

I was able to drag out 11.5 miles this morning, which I was happy about—however I think I was hoping that I would be completely pain-free which wasn’t the case. And when I say “drag out,” I am actually being too kind. I was over A MINUTE slower on my mileage pace, and although I know I should excuse my speed while I’m busy recovering…it’s still disappointing.

My knee has felt superb the last few days, pain is definitely going away, however I’m hoping the real-life recovery can start impacting my running recovery a bit more. I know I shouldn’t expect it to magically feel better all at once—but I wish it would have felt a little better. Stay tuned…I’m still positive, but still wary as well. Also, Aleve is amazing stuff.

I’m heading off to camp in the desert for two days, and it should be filled with some good hiking, camp-firing,’smore-making, and beer drinking. I’m looking forward to breaking the monotony of my day-to-day, technology filled routine to just enjoy being in the outdoors for a bit. It will be great fun, and given the fact that my family has been doing these excursions for multiple generations—the posterity of the trip in and of itself is fantastic.

So, in honor of my vacation, and in honor of the fact that my creative juices go ker-splat when I’m on a trip, this Friday Favorites is going to be devoted to a few of the things I love about Southern California.

Hometown Status

Despite the fact that I spent all but 5 years growing up in Colorado, I still have a small place in my heart for Pasadena, CA (where I was born) and the general Los Angeles area. Nearly my whole family still lives here, and I definitely still feel an “at home” sense of things when I’m here.


This is so unbelievably generic, but for real—sunshine is a wonderful thing. Even on its worst days, So. Cal can still be counted on for reasonable temperature—and the sunshine is pretty much present throughout the year. There’s less weather-related obstacles to stress about when you don’t have rain/cold/snow/ice to deal with, and I appreciate that. I love coming here and not needing to pack 15435 kinds of running equipment—just shorts, shoes, and a short sleeve tee and I’m good.

Outdoor Pools

As you’ve probably been able to gauge, I really love swimming. I love it both recreationally and for exercise, and in California you are able to take any pool activity outdoors. I swam yesterday in the Cal Tech outdoor lap pool in the afternoon sun and it was SO much more more refreshing and invigorating than swimming in a stuffy indoor pool where you have to share a lane with a way-too-wide breast stroker and the children next to you who are inevitably peeing every three minutes.

Fresh Fruit

Now, Washington is definitely not lacking in the fruit department (apples, HELLO) but there is SO much availability of year-round fresh fruit in California, particularly citrus-y fruit and I love that. This also means there are a ton of orchards, as well as naturally growing fruit trees that just pop up in people’s backyards—and it’s a dream of mine to just stroll outside for a fresh piece of fruit. It makes the whole state seem like a fantasy Narnia/Candyland/Oz type of place where there’s beautiful sun and oranges and fairies everywhere you look.

Famous People

Please see my last post for more info on my love of beautiful celebrities. It’s just kind of fun being amongst the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, even if it is an hour away and the likelihood of me meeting and being friends with Drew Barrymore is equally as likely in L.A. as it is in Seattle.

The Houses

Dear Lord, talk about shwank. There are so many beautiful houses around Pasadena, both old and new, and it’s really fun to just drive along and hate your life for not living in them admire them. My brother and I, particularly, have a fabulous time imagining our lives in one of these mansions—and while yes this is a quintessential first-world game—it’s still a lot of fun.

Seth Cohen

Enough said. The mere fact that the concept of The OC originated in this state is just oh-so-comforting. And with that said…

Sandy Cohen

Summer Roberts


No, not Marissa. She always kinda sucked. And she died. Gosh I miss the OC. Okay, enough with this yammering. California is an awesome state, and it’s one of my Favorite Things.

Hope you have a good weekend! If you feel so inclined, tell me some of your favorite things! Or, tell me about your weekend plans!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: California Love

  1. Lauren

    You are way too hard on yourself! Take it easy, girl, and appreciate your accomplishments. Your end goal is Eugene, not a super-speedy 12-mile run while you’re injured.


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