Friday Favorites

No banter today…let’s get straight to the favorites!

1) Baseball hats

(awkward self-taken photo)

Oh baseball hats, how multidimensional you are. You provide relief from rain and snow on winter runs, you provide shade and coolness during summer runs, and you provide an instant fix to a no-shower or bad hair day.

I admit I have gotten in a bad habit of putting off washing my hair and simply wearing a hat all day. I wash my body every day….mostly…however it seems that these past 3 or so months I’ve adapted to the every-other-day routine in terms of shampooing.

I’ve heard this is good for your hair, and as someone who has abdicated haircuts until further notice, I need all the “health” my hair can get. Sure, sometimes it lasts longer than 24 hours…or 36…but that’s what hats are for, and I love them.

{I really am a clean person, honestly}

2) Little Rae’s sugar cookies

Git in mah bellehh!

So, I have this an undying love for the huge sugar cookies from our specialty grocers, the Metropolitan Market. These cookies change shape with every season and holiday, and I think that they are actually intended for children, but they are a staple in my dessert repertoire. These beautiful V-Day hearts made their debut this week, and BF promptly brought one home for me after spotting them.

True love, people.

3) Bird of Paradise pose

This is not me. In case you were wondering.


I really like this particular yoga pose for two reasons:

1. The name, duh. Whenever my instructor suggests going into this pose she says, “Let’s rise birdies.” Obviously I know she is really talking to me.

2. This is one of the only advanced yoga poses that I can actually do without drawing too much attention to myself. I normally go to beginner classes, meaning that each pose has the option of the easiest to the hardest degree of difficulty. I’m normally somewhere in the middle, which is just fine, however I do like being able to do this one with confidence.

4) Google

It’s just really, really helpful.

I’m nervous it knows me better than I know myself, but for now…I accept it.

Okay, clearly I’m running out stand-out favorite things for this week. But that’s okay, because I’m generally just thankful for all the great things in my life right now—and sometimes it’s best to just be content in the present moment.

Rain is washing away our snow right now, and despite the mass amounts of water draining all over Seattle—I’m hoping we are on our way back to some normalcy.

Questions: What are your plans for this weekend? Do you have any particular favorite thing that stands out today?

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