Robyn vs. Universe

Oh universe, you are a funny little devil.

It seems that my decision to publicly proclaim my new-found admiration for running music-less would come to bite me straight in the butt this morning. As you may know, yesterday I admitted that there is a lot of serenity in running unplugged, and that I was no longer afraid of running sans iPod. So to this, the universe said, “Oh yea little missy? Let’s just see about that.”

Let me explain:

I was planning on doing a 12 mile run this morning to log some good miles in the dry weather. I started off feeling strong, and I was psyched to be running on such a fog filled morning. For me, fog really enhances the primal and solo aspects of running, and today Seattle was laden in a thick layer of heavy fog.

So off on my merry way I went, and just when I passed mile 1, kaboom…silence. I checked out my iPod which originally appeared to be half full of battery, and the screen only flashed with that ominous dead battery signal.

You know the one…it’s so sad.

To this, I could only snicker. I actually considered giving out-loud props to whomever controls the karmic circumstances of our world. There I was, proudly proclaiming that music was no longer my running clutch, and to that I received the response, “Prove it.”

Now, I would like to make it known that I did say I do still use music frequently, and I never go a whole run without listening to music at least for a bit. Alas, the universe decided I needed to practice what I preached, and I was hand delivered the opportunity to run 11 miles in the quiet.

So after I shook off my initial humor at the irony of the situation, I was forced to confront the purism of running head-on. I was a bit scared at first; before when I’d turn off my iPod, I always had the decision to turn it back on if I wanted. Not this time, and I recognized this present situation as a test.

Note: Yes, the practical realist would stop me right now and say, “Actually Robyn, your iPod died because it obviously didn’t have enough battery and you were the one that mistakenly didn’t charge it enough for the week.” 

Sure, whatever.

However, I prefer to side with the mystical reasoning behind this coincidence. And that’s why I spent 11 miles having a one-on-one with the universe.

During my quiet run, I realized that if I am going to have a running blog, I am really going to need to meld the thoughts and ideas I share in this space with my own running. No, I never ever intended or intend to fabricate or exaggerate anything I say on here, but I am realizing that if I’m to devote my time and writing to such a specified topic, I am really going to need to embrace it wholly and practice what I preach.

I think we all come across situations where we give great advice or ideas to others, but when it comes to applying them  in our own lives suddenly those great ideas seem daunting.

Why is this?

Personally, I think it’s because the most rewarding and enriching parts of life—the parts we have no problem encouraging everyone but ourselves to take on—are actually the harder routes to take on. For instance: it’s very easy for me to run with music, even though I know that there are so many advantages to using my running time for reflection and quiet. So while it might be easy for me to rant about unplugged running, actually going out and doing it is a whole other ballgame.

I really respect the people who live and act in the same way they advise and teach others to. It shows honesty and a deeper level of empathy and understanding. I’m really going to try and commit to this, within the spaces of my running blog, my running life, and my everyday life.

So there you have it. My attempt at a more light-hearted blog post turned into another philisophical rant about life. Clearly I have had a lot on my mind, and I’m grateful to have  a place to divulge it all. Don’t worry though, the trivial day-to-day jargon will come shortly.

If you’re still there, thanks for reading 🙂

Cheers to December 1st, and the for-real beginning of the countdown to Christmas!



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